Enable Research Collaboration

It can be daunting for faculty to identify collaborators, find resources that support research collaborations, and even see their collaborative work recognized through personnel processes. ADVANCE includes many supports for collaborative research, aimed at building networks of faculty members with complementary research interests, helping logistically support collaborative research teams, and ensuring that collaborative research is evaluated fairly. Some key supports in this area include:

  • Seed grants for collaborative research

  • Intellectually-driven events to help promote connections over shared interests

  • Research briefs summarizing shared research interests, based on a survey of faculty

  • Logistical help for meetings of collaborative groups

  • Workshops on initiating collaborative research and grant-writing

  • Workshops on managing the interpersonal dynamics of collaborative research

  • Workshops on integrating epistemological and methodological traditions in collaborations

  • Workshops on tracking and ensuring proper recognition of collaborative research

Our interventions in the area of research collaborations make collaborations easier to accomplish, more prevalent, and more equitable. Providing the resources, relationships and recognition for research collaboration equally across race, gender, and nationality, lead to greater productivity and recognition of that productivity.