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Sarah Kolodny

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Snowdays at UMass

UMass Old Chapel and W.E.B. DuBois library on a snowy day, with the sun in a blue sky

New England is prone to snow during the winter, and sometimes those wicked storms and nor'easters leave our campus with a beautiful blanket of snow. We wake up to the email and text message from our chancellor, telling us that class is cancelled. Nice! What do we do with all of this free-time though?

UMass Resources: The Writing Center

Pen, highlighter and notebook

The UMass Writing Center, located in the lower commons of the W. E. B. Du Bois Library, is a great place to go if you need proof-reading of any paper you have for a class! You can bring a finished draft, or even a simple outline, and one of the many tutors at the Writing Center can give you pointers, offer advice, and walk you through your writing to keep you on track with the criteria for whatever assignment you may have. If you can’t make it to an in-person session, they also offer online tutoring appointments.

Networking Throughout College

Networking throughout college

During your years in college, you are going to meet a lot of people. Some of these people will end up being your friends for life, while others may just remain acquaintances, partners for a lab or project, teachers, teammates, coaches etc. Each one of these people, however, is a connection — someone you can network with down the line.


What To Do When You Loose Your UCard!

Closeup of UMass UCard

It happens to the best of us: one second you’re swiping into Berk, and the next thing you know you’re at the door of your dorm locked out. You retrace your steps all the way back to where you ate and, to your dismay, your card is gone. Luckily for us students, UMass provides many resources and advice when something like this happens, and now I'm here to share this wisdom with you.

Making the Travel Home Out-of-State Tolerable

I 90 in Massachusetts

I went home for the long Columbus Day weekend, where I got to escape the stress of school and was able to spend time with my family and friends — but at a cost. Living out-of-state, my trip from UMass to home takes about 7 hours (including traffic and delays). From the bus at Haigis to the train at Penn Station and finally my car ride home, every passing hour — while long — gets me both exhausted and excited to be home.