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Owen Meyer


Hello all! My name is Owen Meyer and I am currently a senior at UMass majoring in communication with a minor in political science! I am from Groveland, MA, a VERY small town just about 15 minutes shy of Newburyport and 20 from the New Hampshire border. When I'm not studying or drinking coffee in the ILC you can be sure to find me in South College (my FAVORITE place to study) OR in the basement of the campus center at the UMass radio station where I host my own weekly show!  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about myself, UMass, or the college process! 


My Content

Checking Up On Home

Closeup of hands holding a phone

Being at school can sometimes feel like a completely different universe. I know I’m so constantly tasked with juggling school work and my social life that I sometimes forget to check on family and friends from home! Although I’ve progressively gotten better over the years, I still find it difficult to constantly remind myself that I have to maintain the relationships of friends from home while still at college!

The Beginning of the End: My Final Semester at UMass

It feels like just last week I was packing up all my clothes and heading to Southwest amidst a haze of sweat and nervousness for my first semester at college. I recall being a wound-up ball of anxious energy as I had no clue what my college experience would be like. Now, as I start the last semester of my senior year, I am constantly reflecting on the entirety of my college experience and how this journey has gone. While I consider a vast majority of my time here at UMass an immense success, there are a few things I wish I had known beforehand to make my experience a bit smoother. I have compiled a list of a few things you should keep in mind while navigating your college career to help make your experience even better.

PVTA Bus System

PVTA bus in downtown Amherst

Looking to get somewhere in the Amherst area quickly? Look no further than the Pioneer Valley’s own transit line! These buses run extremely frequently throughout the day to anywhere you could need to go in the Valley. However, the best part is that your ride is free with a valid Five College student ID.

How to Prepare for Finals

Empty classroom at UMass

Although it may seem like final exams are a long way away for you, we're exactly a month away from them here. As a freshman I somehow convinced myself that I had plenty of time to learn my class material only a week before exam time. I HIGHLY recommend not being like me. Instead of pushing all the work off till last minute (yes, I know it's fun to watch Netflix instead of actually being productive), get started on your work early.

Must-See Museums

UMass museums

Looking to visit some amazing museums close to campus? Well look no further! I have compiled a list of a few must-see museums in the Amherst region that will be sure to wow you. These top-notch institutions are not only cheap and close, but have many amazing works on display year round!

Studying Abroad

UMass student studying abroad

One of the most rewarding experiences of my entire college career has been studying abroad. Coming into college, I knew I wanted to travel somewhere, but I hadn’t quite settled on a specific city.

Going Home for the Weekend

UMass students

Going home for a weekend may be the last thing you want to do once finally getting back into the swing of life at school, but it can actually be a helpful experience! My freshman year, I had fully convinced myself that going home would inhibit my ability to acclimate to college life, when in fact the opposite is true. There were times I just needed to see my family, friends, and simply sleep in my own bed! These short weekends at home helped put things in perspective and cured the slight homesickness I was feeling.

The Perks of Living Off Campus!

Off campus apartment

Beginning sophomore year, students at UMass are allowed to move into an off-campus location. Moving off campus last year has been one of the most enriching and fun life experiences I have ever had. Near the end of sophomore year, my friend group and I ultimately decided we all wanted to live together in an apartment. After researching and touring multiple places, we ultimately decided upon Brandywine Apartments due to the price and proximity to campus. I share my apartment with four of my closest friends and have learned SO much from them.

Challenges of Living Alone for the First Time

UMass library

One of the hardest parts of college is learning to live on your own. It was daunting at first (realizing how many things I would have to conquer on my own). Making new friends, having fun, and juggling classwork were all issues constantly floating around my mind. No longer would I have my mother and father to constantly rely on whenever I needed them; it seemed I was completely on my own. To help you out, using my experience, I have compiled a list of important things to remember to do when first living by yourself!

Blue Wall: Try it All!

Blue Wall Dining in the UMass Campus Center

New to the UMass dining experience? Don’t forget to utilize your dining plan and check out ALL of the choices offered at not only the four traditional dining halls, but the various other food options scattered around campus. One of the most popular options is Blue Wall, which is located in the heart of the Campus Center and offers several unique restaurants and markets that are sure to please anyone! Below is a detailed list of eateries located within Blue Wall and the types of intricate cuisine they offer students and guests alike!

UMass Radio Station!

Student DJ at WMUA, the UMass radio station

Tired of listening to the same three songs most radio stations play? Looking for more variety in your music listening tastes? Well, look no further! If you didn’t already know, UMass has its own radio station located in the basement of the Campus Center. Tucked deep in the corner adjacent to the lower level auditorium lies UMass’s epicenter for up-and-coming music. The station features a number of student DJs who curate playlists and play their own taste in music on their self-hosted shows!