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Maddie Bottasso

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Hi, my name is Maddie Bottasso and I am currently a sophomore communication major at University of Massachusetts Amherst. I'm from a small town in central Massachusetts with a graduating class of only 95 people, so coming to a college with 23,000 undergraduates was definitely a big change. I am very interested in digital media, video production, and marketing, and am excited to learn more about these topics as an intern at the Undergraduate Admissions Office this semester. 

Where do you live on campus?

I live in the Southwest residential area on campus in a standard double room. Southwest is known as the "city" within our campus because of the five tall high-rise towers and how many students are housed in this one area. I love living in Southwest because two of the dining halls, Berkshire (my favorite dining hall) and Hampshire are located right here in Southwest. It is also just a quick walk to class, the library, and the rec center, which is very convenient. There is a sense of independent living on my own in my residence area, but at the same time a big sense of community and kindness for everyone living around me.

What's something that most people don't know or assume wrongly about your major?

When I first tell people that my major is communication, a lot of people assume that I chose my major because it's "the easiest major" and I just wanted to pick something that I wouldn't have to work too hard in, but this is definitely not the case. Communication is a fast-growing and very important part of our world. With digital media and social media becoming such a large part of everyone's lives, it is important to keep up with this growth and learn more about how it affects us as a society. I have already learned a lot about media, film, and social media in my classes — and can't wait to learn more.

What's the most interesting class you've taken at UMass and why?

The most interesting class I have taken so far at UMass Amherst was Communication 121: Intro to Media and Culture. I took this class first semester of my freshman year, and it really helped to give me clarity on what I would like to study for the next four years. I found it very interesting to learn about different types of digital media and how these types of media affect the society that we live in. From radio and TV, to social media, each form of digital media impacts us in every aspect of our lives, sometimes in ways we don't even realize.

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