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Avani Shah

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Hey! My name is Avani Shah, and I am a sophomore transfer student majoring in Marketing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst! I am from Massachusetts and have lived here for most of my life. My passions include photography and other forms of digital media. I am excited to be a part of the Admissions team and to share my UMass experience.

Where do you live on campus?

This year I am living in a quad in Field Hall located in Orchard Hill. This quad was a part of the extended housing provided by UMass for this year. I like the amount of space that the room has, because it used to be a lounge converted to a residential room. Orchard Hill does live up to its name, and if you ever find yourself living there I would highly recommend bringing a comfy pair of shoes. Field Hall also has a sweets shop in its lobby, so I love grabbing snacks there when I am working a late night!

What's your major?

I am currently declared as a marketing major. I have always had an interest in this field, and in business in general. I knew that I wanted to go into a field that included digital media to some extent. Marketing seemed like a balance that would allow me to learn the tangible skills I need in business, while I could also continue to grow my creative abilities.

Why did you choose UMass Amherst?

As a sophomore transfer student to UMass Amherst there were many factors that led me to apply and come here. I was familiar with the campus, as I have a sibling who also attended UMass. However, for me I felt like it was the best choice for my major. I am still looking to pair marketing with some other field, and I felt like I could explore other areas of interests alongside business at UMass. I also knew that the school allows ample opportunities for students to gain professional growth as well as experience in their field coming out of college. These are two factors, alongside my major, that prompted me to transfer.

How did you meet people when you first got to UMass?

My first week at UMass felt like it flew by before I knew I was back to school. This year when I got to campus the first people I met were my roommates. It was nice in a sense to know we were all transfers to UMass. With this, I reconnected with friends I made at orientation as well as high school friends who were on campus. I think the best way to meet people is by joining new organizations or attending events on campus. In the few events I have attended I have met other students who have been very helpful in telling me more about the campus and life here at UMass. 

How have you changed since you started at UMass?

With one year of university behind me and one week at UMass, I feel like I have changed in different manners. I believe attending university is an adjustment but also an opportunity for personal growth. I feel like I have been able to be more vocal and join organizations that align with my passion and major. I feel more focused in what I do and what I am pursuing, and am always seeking opportunities to learn and grow in my field.

What's your favorite thing from UMass dining?

One of my favorite parts of UMass dining is how all the halls have sushi bars. I love having this option during lunch and dinner. However, I love Mediterranean food as well and also love going to Tavola at Blue Wall and getting the hummus bowl with falafels!

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