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Hidden Gem: The Digital Media Lab

Looking up at the UMass library

What I love about UMass is that it offers a ton of free academic resources on campus for every student. If you can think of it, there’s likely a place on campus you can find it. One of my favorite places and resources to use is the Digital Media Lab. In my classes, there are often projects or extra credit opportunities to create a video. Sometimes I just want to use some high-end equipment and create my own videos. Regardless, the Digital Media Lab is the perfect place for this. Conveniently located on the third floor of the library, the Digital Media Lab has awesome equipment you can use for free.

Major Fair

UMass major fair

Are you unsure of career you want to go into? Or what you want to major in? That’s not a problem at UMass. There are so many people on this campus that are here to help you. Whether it be peer mentors in your dorm, advisors in a specific school, advisors within a specific major, peer advisors in either category, and others, many people are always eager to talk and ready to help you.

Making Friends Through Intramural Sports

UMass club flag football

When I chose to come to a big school like UMass, a major source of anxiety for me was thinking about how I was going to branch out and make new friends. I come from a small town, I'm an introvert, my three best friends live in my neighborhood, and we’ve been in the same school since we were in first grade. Being away from them and everyone else I was close to from home was a legitimate concern.

Colleges Against Cancer Great American Smoke-Out

Colleges Against Cancer graphic

I recently joined Colleges Against Cancer here at UMass, which is apart of the Five College Relay For Life. Some people joined because they were a part of relay teams in high school or because they have a personal connection to the cause. I decided to join this club because I think it is such a great cause and an easy way to get involved! I also needed something flexible that worked with my schedule, and CAC meets every other week at night, which is perfect for me.