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SBS in DC: Summer Internship

SBS in DC summer internship

The College of Social Behavioral Sciences has an amazing program that connects current UMass students with UMass alumni working in Washington, D.C., for an unforgettable summer internship. This year, "SBS in DC" students can land an internship in a congressional office, lobbying firm, or a non-profit advocacy organization. This program really hooks it up. SBS in D.C. covers housing costs at the Washington Intern Student Housing on Capitol Hill, and also offers one academic credit. Additional funding to cover transportation, food, metro card, and other expenses are available based on financial need.

Take AP Exams Seriously!

New York City skyline

If your school offers AP classes and you've challenged yourself by enrolling in one or more during your senior year of high school, congratulations! You're doing exactly what you should be doing! That being said, it can be easy to fall into a "senior slump" and lose motivation to study for AP exams during your final weeks of high school. I know the feeling, trust me, but it is important to push through and make sure you do well regardless of how bad a case of "senioritis" you've come down with.