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Going Home for the Weekend

UMass students

Going home for a weekend may be the last thing you want to do once finally getting back into the swing of life at school, but it can actually be a helpful experience! My freshman year, I had fully convinced myself that going home would inhibit my ability to acclimate to college life, when in fact the opposite is true. There were times I just needed to see my family, friends, and simply sleep in my own bed! These short weekends at home helped put things in perspective and cured the slight homesickness I was feeling.

Apartment vs. House

Home Sweet Home graphic

Apartment vs. House

For the past two years I have lived off campus. During my junior year, I rented an apartment in North Amherst and now in my senior year I live in a house near Amherst Center. I loved my apartment last year, but I already like my home away from home more! 

My Weekend Away from UMass

UMass Amhers W.E.B. DuBois Library

Following a recent family celebration, I went home these past two weekends (in a row). I honestly didn’t think much of not being on campus. I was excited to see my family and friends who would also be in town. However, having returned to UMass this week, I can genuinely say I’ve had serious FOMO from not being here.

My Weekend at UMass Amherst: October 12-14

UMass students

Fall has always been my favorite season. With fall comes the new school year, and the beginning of so many things. For example, sports. On Friday, I got to go to the first hockey game of the season. I’ve never been huge on watching sports, and didn’t think I’d be into following our college teams, but last year I got an (unpaid) job as the social media coordinator for UMass’s television news team. One of my duties in this role was to stay in the loop on the standings of our various sports teams. Because of this, I really started to become invested in some of our teams, our hockey team in particular.

The Perks of Living Off Campus!

Off campus apartment

Beginning sophomore year, students at UMass are allowed to move into an off-campus location. Moving off campus last year has been one of the most enriching and fun life experiences I have ever had. Near the end of sophomore year, my friend group and I ultimately decided we all wanted to live together in an apartment. After researching and touring multiple places, we ultimately decided upon Brandywine Apartments due to the price and proximity to campus. I share my apartment with four of my closest friends and have learned SO much from them.

We Have a Target. Enough Said.

UMass students in target

Like many college students, I unapologetically love Target. Luckily, there is a Target located a mere 2 miles from campus so UMass students never have to live without it! If you're lucky enough to have made friends with someone who owns a car, it's a five-minute drive, but you can just as easily get there using the PVTA bus system. 

Succeeding in College Chemistry

Building molecules in a UMass chemistry class

In high school, chemistry was the bane of my very existence. I would sit there as my teacher mindlessly droned on and on. Each word he spoke went in one ear and out the other. My focus was always on the clock, never on the material. I realize in hindsight that the problem was in fact me and my lack of attention, not the teacher. So, I decided that in college I would start taking some personal responsibility and pay attention in lectures. I expected that this would allow me to succeed in the class, but not necessarily enjoy the material. Surprisingly, I was wrong.