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Life in a RAP!

Southwest Towers at UMass Amherst. Text: Life in a RAP (Residential Acadenic Program)

When I attended New Student Orientation the summer before my freshman year at the University of Massachusetts Amherst I heard people talking about being in a RAP (no not the genre of music). A RAP at UMass stands for a Residential Academic Program, and it is a popular program for freshman. A RAP allows you to choose the exact building you will live in your first year on campus and take one class first semester with a group of people who live on your floor who have the same major or similar interests as you.

What I eat in a day

Picture of yogurt, an apple, and an iced coffee with caption “What I eat in a day at UMass"

Here at UMass, the variety of foods offered across campus are endless. Through different flavors and choices, you are guaranteed to find something you like, while maintaining healthy options, too. It’s no wonder UMass has been ranked #1 campus dining four years in a row! Here are my usual daily go-tos on campus.

My First Homecoming at the University of Massachusetts!

Campus Instagram celebrity at the University of Massachusetts, @goodboyoncampus

All weekend, UMass Amherst alumni proudly strolled around campus sporting UMass Amherst gear, and attended the various events hosted by the university. When passing a group of older alumni, I jokingly mentioned to my friend how that’d be us one day. It was amazing to see the large turnout of alumni that came back for homecoming weekend, ranging from the class of 1969 to 2018. It just goes to show just how connected and loyal UMass Amherst alumni still are to the school!

Campus Safety at UMass

UMass blue light system. Text: "Campus Safety at UMass"

UMass recognizes the importance of campus security, and does the absolute most they can to make sure each and every student feels safe while they’re here. Whether that be walking to your dorm late at night, or opening your building door for someone — the university stresses the importance of feeling comfortable and secure here on campus.