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Marketing Career Networking Night

UMass students at a networking event. Text: 10 Days MCNN 2019

Marketing Career Networking Night is an annual networking event organized and hosted by the Isenberg Marketing Club. While it is hosted by IMC, you do not need to be a member of the club or even a marketing major to attend. MCNN has a more casual, cocktail party feel compared to most other networking events you may attend as a result of not requiring resumes. Instead, only business cards are allowed, and resumes are sent to all of the recruiters in attendance prior to the event in the form of a giant resume book. This takes a lot of the pressure off and allows for more natural conversation between students and recruiters during the event.

Mid-Year Thoughts

Black and white - ankle rain boots and iced coffee

As I begin my fourth semester at UMass, I’ve finally come to terms with the scary truth. College really does go by SO quickly. It’s something your parents will tell you time and time again as you begin your collegiate career. You’ll hear a lot of “take advantage of every moment, it goes by so fast” or “don’t get caught up in the trivial things; you’re only there for four years.” To me, four years seems like a long time. How can almost 1,500 days of our lives go by too soon?

Isenberg's New Business Innovation Hub

Courtyard of the Isenberg business hub at UMass Amherst, in winter.

While the grand opening celebration will not be until April, the greatly-anticipated Isenberg Business Innovation Hub is fully completed and open to students as of the start of the Spring 2019 semester. The 70,000-square feet and $62 million extension project features new classrooms, expansive study areas, new facilities for Isenberg's Chase Career Center, conference, meeting, and interview rooms, and even a cafe!

Learning to Live with a Stranger

View of UMass Amherst in winter from Southwest residential tower

For me, one of the parts of freshman year that I was most nervous about was living with a roommate. Growing up, I never had to share a room with my younger brothers and was unsure of what it would be like to share such a small space with another person. Luckily enough, my roommate and I ended up getting along great, and my fears were quickly dissuaded.

When You Feel Like It's Too Much

UMass students studying in the basement of DuBois Library

We are right at that time in the semester when we all feel like we cannot possibly do everything we have to do. We have papers to write for multiple classes, exams to study for, club meetings to attend, jobs to work, and exercising to do, while still finding time to eat and sleep. Around this time every semester, the look on every student’s face already explains the pain and exhaustion we are all feeling. Without knowing someone I see studying frantically at the library or at ISB (Integrated Science Building), I can relate to their struggle and I know how they feel. I know because I have been experiencing the exact same thing myself for the past two weeks now.

Cheap Thrills

Close up of nail polish, captioned "Cheap Thrills"

The off-campus place my friends and I probably visit the most is VIP Nails. Ever since we found this place freshman year, my friends and I have been religiously going every month or so. This amazing nail salon has a huge selection of colors (gel and regular), friendly and professional staff, and amazing prices. They offer gel manicures for just $25 dollars a pop. You can even do a gel color change for $20 (painting with no nail upkeep). They do tend to get busy, but if you call and make an appointment ahead of time, getting in and out is no hassle at all.

UMass Fun Facts!

UMass in winter. Text: UMass Fun Facts!

College tours tend to seem redundant after a while, especially if you go on a lot of them. The tour guide will routinely share a generic fact about the school paired with some “secret” the campus has. These tours are meant to make the school seem unique, but as cheesy as it sounds, every campus truly is unique. Here are some fun facts unique to the University of Massachusetts that give us all the bragging rights we want.