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Applying to College vs. Applying to Jobs: My Perspective

A photo with students and a teacher with the text, Applying to College vs. Applying to Jobs.

As a junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, I have been on both sides of the spectrum; applying for colleges and applying to jobs. The start of your college career will be marked by applications and so will the end of it — but you will go through big changes during this time period. Thinking about who I was when applying to colleges and who I am now while applying to jobs, I feel like a completely different person with vastly different interests and goals. For myself, it is not that surprising how much I have changed over the years. I have always pictured college, much like searching for your first job, to be a time marked by exploration and self-discovery. 

Art Museums at UMass: University Museum of Contemporary Art

A piece of art with the text,  Art Museums at UMass: University Museum of Contemporary Art

The UMCA, located in the Fine Arts Center here on campus, is a multidisciplinary, international laboratory for the exploration and advancement of contemporary art. The museum is open and welcome to all current and prospective UMass Amherst students and is a hidden gem here on campus, a true must see spot during your time here. 

Exploring the City that Never Sleeps with UMass Amhersts’ AHLA Club

University of Massachusetts student Jessie in on 43rd Street in NYC

This past Veteran’s Day weekend I went to New York City with the American Hospitality and Lodging Association (AHLA). The AHLA here at the University of Massachusetts Amherst focuses on giving members insight into the hotel industry, and provides students with lots of networking opportunities. While in NYC I got to experience seeing the hotel industry firsthand and was immersed in the real-world experience of the hotel and hospitality industry.