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Why I Transferred Colleges: UConn to UMass

Collage with fountain on the campus pond and UMass sunset. Text: Why I Transferred Colleges: UConn to UMass

Transferring colleges is a tough decision, but sometimes it can be the change that changes everything. Every college experience starts with adjustment, and transferring allows new experiences and adjustments to be made. After my personal experience transferring from UConn to UMass Amherst in my sophomore year, I can certainly say my decision suited me best. 

Meet the Major: Kinesiology

UMass student standing in front of wall with graffiti. Text: Meet the Major: Kinesiology

Mari Goldstein, a Brookline, Mass., native, came to the University of Massachusetts Amherst for its change of scenery. She loved the idea of being far enough away from home to experience life on her own, but close enough that she could come back if needed. Like many, finances were a driving factor in her college decision, and she is eligible for in-state tuition. Mari is now a third-year kinesiology student, planning on attending PA school after graduation.

My Experience in Greek Life

Picture of three girls smiling with the caption “My Experience Joining Greek Life"

I’m fortunate to have come from a town that prepared me for the challenges college has to offer, especially academically. However, as for the diversity in my small southwestern Connecticut hometown, it’s extremely lacking. Choosing a large university that would bring me beyond this bubble was a driving factor in my college decision, and I love UMass Amherst in every aspect of its student body -- I’m a strong believer that the variety of people we meet everyday enhances our own understanding of the world we live in. One way in which I quickly was exposed to a more diverse campus was through my decision to join Greek life. 

Meet the Major: Sport Management and Communication

Picture of Ray Weisse in front of a Department of Sport Management sign with the caption “Meet the Major: Sport Management and Communication"

Ray Weisse left his New Jersey hometown to attend University of Massachusetts Amherst after receiving a huge financial aid package his senior year of high school. He knew he wanted to go to a big state school with lots of school spirit and campus life, and loved the size and location of UMass Amherst. Now a third year sport management and communication double major, he couldn’t be more proud to call UMass his home. 

Meet the Major: Political Science and Public Health

Picture of Savannah Gillis with the caption "Meet the Major: Political Science and Public Health"

Savannah Gillis is a political science major with a secondary major in public health. Given her lifelong interest in history, politics, and government affairs, she always knew she would want to study something related to the topic. It wasn’t until her first year at UMass, when she enrolled in The Science of Health Inequality, that she became interested in public health as well.