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Selfies Can Be Important?

University of Massachusetts student in Sycamore Residence Hall

The picture you see above is me on my very first day of college in Sycamore Residence Hall. I was nervous, anxious, excited, and definitely a little nauseous about being away from home. I am lucky enough to have a tight-knit group of friends from my hometown and I was nervous how the distance between us would change our friendship. We had been inseparable since the sixth grade and had never spent more than a few days apart! With most of us attending college in New England, we knew that we would see each other for most school breaks and long weekends, but that seemed so far away at the time!

Opportunities at UMass: Alternative Spring Break

During the month of March I got to experience one of the coolest opportunities I have had at UMass so far — I participated in our Alternative Spring Break program. Back in October, a fellow coworker and close friend motivated me to apply to be a part of the program and embark on the service trip in the spring. When an idea is planted in my head — even if I tell myself I might not do it or go after it — most often I know that I am ultimately going to follow through with it one way or another. This can be a flaw sometimes, although it is also one of my greatest strengths. Alas, I did apply.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Unusual Clubs at UMass

UMass Amherst library and campus. Text: "Take a Walk on the Wild Side - Unusual and unique clubs at UMass"

On any tour of UMass Amherst you will hear the guide rattle off some incredibly bizarre sounding clubs that are offered on campus. The tour group will laugh, students reflect on how cool UMass must be, and then the tour will move on to a more in-depth discussion on housing availability for freshmen. However, how many UMass undergrads have actually experienced these bizarre clubs?

New to Isenberg? Here Are Some Things to Know

Students in front of Isenberg school of management

Whether you are a freshman or an on-campus transfer (also known as an "internal transfer"), being new to the Isenberg School of Management at UMass is an exciting experience. I switched into Isenberg my sophomore year and was baffled by how different the business school was from other colleges on campus. Below, I’m going to delineate some of the must-know things about Isenberg for any student considering business.

Must-Take Classes at UMass Amherst

UMass Amherst professor talking to a seminar class. Text: "Must-take classes at UMass - Learn how to scuba dive for credit"

Amidst all the delightfully difficult classes you will take in college, sometimes you will stumble upon an incredibly fun one! Whether you’re trying to check off gen-ed requirements or just want to get credit for having fun, UMass Amherst gives students the opportunity to make some incredible memories. Below are five of my top recommendations for must-take classes that are guaranteed to broaden your horizons.