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Blue Wall: Try it All!

Blue Wall Dining in the UMass Campus Center

New to the UMass dining experience? Don’t forget to utilize your dining plan and check out ALL of the choices offered at not only the four traditional dining halls, but the various other food options scattered around campus. One of the most popular options is Blue Wall, which is located in the heart of the Campus Center and offers several unique restaurants and markets that are sure to please anyone! Below is a detailed list of eateries located within Blue Wall and the types of intricate cuisine they offer students and guests alike!

My Day at The Big E Fair

At the Big E state fair

Are you looking for something to do this weekend? If so, I highly suggest you travel to The Big E Fair in West Springfield, Mass. This Sunday, Sept. 30, is the last day to attend before it closes up until next year! It's about a 40-minute drive south of UMass, and is the perfect place to spend a day making memories. 

How to Get An Internship At UMass: Isenberg Edition!

Exterior of the Isenberg School of Management

Getting an internship as a business student can be one of the most valuable things to do during your time at college. Not only do you get to gain real world experience in what it is you are interested in, but you also get to network and learn even more about yourself and the field you are studying. Some internships can certainly be selective, but luckily, there are dozens of resources you can use to help you get that summer gig you have always wanted!

No Idea What You Want to Study? No Worries!

Isenberg Undergraduate Student Services at the University of Massachusetts

Are you unsure what you want to study at the University of Massachusetts? If so, you just joined probably a quarter of incoming students every year at UMass Amherst (or any institution). Plenty of students freak out when not knowing what they want to do, and in some cases those fears only grow more intense when the student changes majors after a year or two in college. If you're one of those students, relax! We are fortunate here to have wonderful faculty and staff to assist you in finding your academic passions.

The Life and Times of a CNS Major

CNS students studying

College is a challenging time for every student. The cool thing about UMass is that you can find every kind of student here on campus. We have such a diverse student body and opportunities for everyone. So whether you’re a poetry whiz, a soil enthusiast, or even a horse lover, there’s something here for you. (I’m not joking when I say I’ve found people studying in all three of these unconventional subjects). But there is one thing that every UMass student has in common: They need to work hard. It’s no secret that UMass is becoming increasingly competitive. To excel here, you must be be driven to succeed.