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Why I Chose UMass

Umass Amherst students walking on campus in the fall. Text: "Why I Chose UMass - Finding a place to call home

As an in-state student, it is pretty easy to guess some of the reasons why I chose to join the UMass family. Amherst is within driving distance from home; I was already comfortable and familiar with western Massachusetts since I have family out here; and, of course, nothing beats in-state tuition. However, as nice as it would have been, my college application process was not as straightforward as immediately knowing I wanted to go to UMass after my first visit.

Family Night in Amherst

UMass student and family eating out at an Amherst restaurant

Recently, my family came to visit me here in Amherst. They brought my uncle, who was visiting from Seattle, where he lives. My uncle doesn’t come too often so this was quite possibly the one time I was going to be able to show him around Amherst. All he knew about this town was that it’s tiny, quaint, and a little less than two hours from the big city of Boston. So, I took it upon myself to show him just how fun Amherst really is.