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8 Tips for a Busy College Student

Dily journal and takeout coffee cup, with sunflowers, seen from above

This semester, I am taking six courses versus my usual five. I’m in a combination of upper-level journalism and communications classes. My Tuesdays and Thursdays are jam-packed with four classes in a row, going from 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. Each subject gives a good amount of homework, too. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming when Monday rolls around every week, but these are my tips for keeping on top my work while staying relatively stress free. 

Choosing a Random Roommate at UMass

Drom room at UMass Amherst

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post of mine, coming to UMass was a completely new start for me. Having not known a single person here, I was unsure of how to go about choosing my roommate. I knew a lot of incoming students who were in a similar position found their roommates through the UMass Facebook page, where people post about themselves in order to find someone to live with or just meet people to befriend. This is a super easy way to meet new people and find a potential roommate, but I was intimidated by the idea using Facebook to find the person who I’d live with. In the end, I decided to “go in random" for my roommate.

Dealing with Writer’s Block

Laptop and writer's block

Being a journalism and communication double-major, it is no surprise that most of my assignments revolve around writing. I love how writing lets me be creative and always gives me a piece to reflect on. My papers and articles supply me with the ability to read them and track what areas need improvement. When it comes to writing, the hardest part for me is always facing writer's block before I start an assignment.

Reasons I Love UMass: The People

UMass pond and library

Yesterday, I lost my wallet. I didn’t notice until a few hours after my last class of the day ended, but as soon as I realized I didn’t have it I began retracing my steps. I searched the dining halls, the classrooms I was in, and my residence hall, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. But what surprised me was how genuinely helpful everyone I came across was. Both dining hall managers and two professors in the classrooms I went to could not have been nicer.

DIY Bookshelf

DIY bookshelf

My favorite part about living off campus is decorating my temporary home. I recently just refurbished an old broken cabinet into a cute crackled bookshelf. It’s perfect for neatly holding my text and notebooks that were previously scattered everywhere. For this project paint was my best friend! Continue reading to see how I accomplished this and the before picture!