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How I've Been Spending My Winter Break

A photo of a snowy UMass campus with the text, How I've Been Spending my Winter Break.

Good old winter break. A much needed time of relaxation that never feels long enough to truly satisfy my need to curl up in bed with no responsibilities and watch Netflix all day. As I am writing this, I am now back at the University of Massachusetts Amherst ready to tackle this new semester. With classes starting in a few days, I have been able to take the time to reflect on what I have been up to this winter break. From getting my first tattoo, spending time with friends and family, traveling, and spending much needed time with my cat and dog, I would say that I had a very enjoyable winter break. 

Intramural Sports at UMass Amherst

Students play soccer on an athletics field at the University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts incredible amount of extracurricular activities is a great attribute for any student who wants to get more involved, make new friends, or just to have fun. Intramural sports is an excellent activity to participate in, especially if you love to exercise or a bit of friendly competition. Here are some things you need to know about intramural sports at UMass Amherst!

Letter to my Past Self

 A photo of Aaliyah and her friends from three years ago to currently with the text, A Letter to my Past Self.

Recently, I stumbled upon an old Facebook memory. On December 16, 2016, I posted about my acceptance into the University of Massachusetts Amherst. When my Facebook memories brought up the post, I could not believe that it had already been three years since I was first accepted. I sent a screenshot of the post to some of my friends here at UMass, and we all could not believe how old we felt. It was surreal to see that letter again after all these years, especially with my time here at UMass quickly coming to a close. This letter resurfacing made me stop and think about who I was then and who I have become now. While I am incredibly proud of the person I was, there is so much I wish I could go back and tell myself. With this in mind, here are four things I wish I could tell my past self before embarking on my journey here at UMass. 

Semester Recap: An Overview of my Fall 2019

A group of UMass student walking with the text, Semester Recap: An Overview of my Fall 2019

As I am writing this, I am happy to say that I am officially done with the semester. It is crazy to think that I have already wrapped up the fall semester of my junior year. With the semester concluded, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on it. Truthfully, this was one of my favorite semesters here at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. All my classes were really enjoyable and I had a lot of exciting new opportunities on campus, like this job with the admissions office! With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to recap my semester and the courses I took to hopefully give you all not only a glimpse of what a typical semester is like here at UMass, but some courses to look into during your time here. 

Taking Notes in Large Lectures at UMass Amherst

Photo of classroom at the University of Massachusetts with text: Seating Location is Important, Use Online Resources, Ask Questions

For me, one of the biggest changes transitioning from high school to the University of Massachusetts Amherst was the sheer size of the lectures. Freshman year, I was in lectures that had hundreds of students in them; when only a handful of months ago I was used to classrooms of twenty people. When it comes to note taking in a large lecture, it can be challenging at first, but if you follow these tips, excelling in these classes becomes easier! 

My Transition to CHC

My Transition to UMass Amherst’s Commonwealth Honors College As a Third Year Student

Fall 2019 was a particularly exciting semester for me -- I began working two jobs on campus, I joined a sorority, and I became a member of the Commonwealth Honors College (CHC) at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. For the first time, my time on campus was not merely allocated to my studies, but rather a ton of different things. I was the busiest I had been, but this helped improve my time management skills tremendously. As my collegiate career continues, I am constantly learning new things about myself and about UMass Amherst.

Aplicar a la Universidad como estudiante internacional

Universidad de Massachusetts estudiantes con Sam, la mascota de universidad.

Aplicar a la Universidad en Estados Unidos es un proceso de varios pasos que a veces puede ser complicado. Y, si estás aplicando como estudiante internacional, el proceso requiere un par de pasos extra que pueden dar miedo de navegar. ¡Pero, no te preocupes! Sigue estos tips y te verás cómo el proceso es mucho más fácil de lo que crees.

Five Winter Activities Near Amherst

Snow covers the scenery on the University of Massachusetts campus

There is a chill in the air, there are mounds of snow on the ground, and the campus pond is frozen over — it’s officially winter at the University of Massachusetts Amherst! Winter can be a stressful time of the year, because it means finals are right around the corner. You may spend a lot of time studying for exams, or working on a big class project. However, don’t forget to take a break and have some fun! There are many things to do during the winter time around Amherst.