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Club Spotlight:UMass Dynamics

The University of Massachusetts Dynamics at Wachusett Mountain for a gig
Here at the University of Massachusetts we have lots of opportunities to shine for those with musical talent. For students who love to sing, one of the many ways you can get involved here on campus is through joining one of our nine a cappella groups. UMass Dynamics is one of the oldest co-ed a cappella groups here on campus, founded back in 2005. The group tries to keep a fairly diverse setlist, however their current songs have a strong emphasis on R&B music.

Meet the Majors: Microbiology and Portuguese

Joshua Badal Rodrigues is a student at the University of Massachusetts

Choosing a major is not easy. There’s a lot of factors playing into your choice, from personal preference to career options, choosing a major can be a very personal decision. Here at the University of Massachusetts, we believe it’s important to open your mind and explore multiple options that will allow you to tailor your education to fit you perfectly. Take a look at what Joshua Badal-Rodrigues, a freshman microbiology and Portuguese double major, who hopes to use both his language and future medical skills to help increase medical accessibility to Portuguese-speaking communities, had to say.

Advice for the UMass Class of 2024

An aerial view of the University of Massachusets campus

Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Massachusetts, class of 2024! You are about to experience four amazing years at UMass Amherst. Entering freshman year of college is an exciting time- it's the beginning of an incredible academic and professional journey. If you're feeling a little nervous to enter college, that's okay! Many incoming freshmen share the same concerns when entering college. I shared these concerns with current students who want to reassure you that choosing UMass was a great decision. 

Meet the Major: Exploratory Track in Natural Sciences

University of Massachusetts student Matthew on a beach with text reading: Meet the Major: Exploratory Track in Natural Sciences

Like many other first-year students, Matthew Bird wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life when he came to college. He knew he had a strong passion for science, and that he wanted to be able to explore the options within the field, making the exploratory track in natural sciences a perfect match. The exploratory tracks are designed for students coming into UMass Amherst who are exploring options before choosing a major.

Meet the major: Computer Science

University of Massachusetts student Hamza outdoors in a mountain landscape

Although our lives feel like they’ve come to a halt (and in many ways they have), it’s important to remember that this shall pass, and when it does, first year students at colleges all over the world will be trying to figure out what they want to do in the next year. If you’ve just been admitted to the University of Massachusetts and have an interest in computer science, but are not sure what it looks like, take a look at what Hamza Shahzad, a sophomore majoring in computer science at UMass Amherst, had to say about it.

A Final Goodbye to our Senior Admissions Interns

An image of Angela McNamara, Xenia Arinez, Jonathan Lang, and Eric Rybicki, with the text  A Final Goodbye to our Senior Admissions Interns.

It is hard to believe that the spring 2020 semester has officially concluded. Though it's had its highs and lows, every student deserves a warm congratulations for pushing through such an unprecedented semester, especially to the graduating seniors. Here on the UMass Amherst Admissions marketing communications team, we have four seniors who are graduating today. Angela McNamara, Xenia Arinez, Jonathan Lang, and Eric Rybicki have been valuable  members of our team and have worked tirelessly to provide engaging content for prospective students. 

To celebrate our graduating team members, here is what the graduating interns here at admissions have to say about their time at UMass Amherst and their advice for the incoming class of 2024. 

Conoce El Barrio: La nueva comunidad residencial definida latinx de UMass

Image of Southwest Residential Area with text reading El Barrio: The brand new Latinx defined residential community at UMass

Mudarme a los Estados Unidos desde Bolivia fue una aventura para mí. Lo único—además de mi familia y amigos—que me ponía triste dejar atrás era mi comunidad latinx. En Bolivia, claro, no pensaba en comunidad con latinx. En realidad, no fue hasta que vine aquí que me di cuenta de que muchas cosas intrínsecas para mi (el idioma en gran parte), también eran intrínsecas en la cultura latinx. Y así, empecé a extraña pequeñas cosas como saludar a la gente con un beso en la mejilla o escuchar una canción de reggaetón donde sea que vaya (gracias a Blue Wall por poner reggaetón una que otra vez).