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Getting an On-Campus Job

Dining Commons job posting for UMass students

The single smartest thing I’ve done in my time at UMass is getting an on-campus job. In fact, I'm fortunate enough to have two of them. Aside from serving as a student blogger, I’m also a student assistant in the athletic communications department. Both jobs are within walking distance from my dorm, I get to choose my hours, my pay isn't taxed (an added bonus), and I get real-world experience by applying my major in the workforce.

Should You Minor in Something at UMass?

Umass student standing at a whiteboard. Text: "Minor Considerations - Find a new passion and gain a new skill

The University of Massachusetts is known for its wide array of majors and academic programs. While UMass has more than 100 majors, it also has a variety of minors. But should you add a minor to your major? To me, the answer is easy. Minoring in an area of study can actually be a invigorating and wholesome experience. Here are a few of the reasons why you should also pursue a minor at UMass Amherst.

Why I Chose UMass

Umass Amherst students walking on campus in the fall. Text: "Why I Chose UMass - Finding a place to call home

As an in-state student, it is pretty easy to guess some of the reasons why I chose to join the UMass family. Amherst is within driving distance from home; I was already comfortable and familiar with western Massachusetts since I have family out here; and, of course, nothing beats in-state tuition. However, as nice as it would have been, my college application process was not as straightforward as immediately knowing I wanted to go to UMass after my first visit.