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Must-See Museums

UMass museums

Looking to visit some amazing museums close to campus? Well look no further! I have compiled a list of a few must-see museums in the Amherst region that will be sure to wow you. These top-notch institutions are not only cheap and close, but have many amazing works on display year round!

Perks of a Big School

Perks of a big school like the University of Massachusetts

When I was applying to colleges, I remember being attracted to both big and small schools. Both seemed to have their distinct advantages. After two-and-a-half years, I am beyond glad I picked the University of Massachusetts, and I am even more grateful that it is a big school. Here are some perks of bigger universities: 

It's Okay to Still See High School Friends at UMass

High school friends at UMass

If you're an in-state student, there is an extremely, extremely high chance that you will not be the only one coming to UMass from your high school. At my high school in Framingham, Mass., there were people who looked down on and actually refused to apply to UMass simply because of how popular of an option it is. Coming from a class of more than 500 students, I was among 40+ students leaving my high school to come to UMass. I will admit that it's a rare occasion for me to go an entire weekday without seeing at least one person from my high school while walking to or from classes, but I'd like to break the stigma that this is a bad thing!

Dealing with Homesickness

How to deal with homesickness

As the holiday season approaches, it’s natural to start feeling homesick. The colder the weather gets, the more I wish I was waking up in my bed at home. Plus, when you’re at school all the holidays begin to blur into one. I can’t even believe it’s the end of October. I haven’t even watched “Hocus Pocus” yet! Below are some of the things I do to combat my homesickness: 

How to Write a Good Admissions Essay

How to write a good admissions essay for the University of Massachusetts

These days, most colleges — including the University of Massachusetts Amherst — use a holistic admissions review. This means that prospective students are seen as more than just numbers on paper. Factors like personal experiences, strengths, and compatibility with the university are also considered. So, how do you use this to your advantage? You write an unforgettable essay that makes you stand out to admissions officers. Here are some tips to do just that: