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Thanksgiving Break: The Perfect Time to Reset

Colorful fall foliage

To me, being a student at UMass is a full-time job. Between balancing my academics, social life, a healthy lifestyle, and focusing on getting an internship, there is rarely time for complete relaxation and aloneness. The days go by so fast, and the weeks even faster. It seems like only yesterday where I was attending my first lecture and going over the syllabus. With Thanksgiving break coming up, it is the perfect time for students to hit that reset button and relax. Here are some of the things all students should do during their week off of school (I know I will be!).

Opportunities in Sports at the McCormack Department of Sport Management Career Fair

UMass McCormack Sports & Management job fair

In my first blog on this site I wrote about the perks of going to the university with the top public business school in New England. I was amazed by some of the companies in attendance at Isenberg’s career fair. Dell, IBM, Toyota, PepsiCo, Liberty Mutual, Raytheon, TJX, Bose, and some of “The Big Four” accounting firms — just to name a few — came looking to hire UMass students back in September.

Mock Interviews

UMass student doing a mock interview

It’s fairly common now to see high school students with a job. Retail, food, maintenance — whatever that first job was, you probably had to interview for it. In my case, it was working for a local dollar store. I figured that would be simple enough and that I wouldn’t need to treat the interview as anything more than signing my work papers. But when asked questions like why I wanted to work there and what skills I brought to the table, I was completely caught off-guard. In fact, I responded, “Just to have some money for gas, and I’m good at math … so, being a cashier should be easy.”

The UMass Comedy League

UMass Comedy League

One of the best ways to spend your weekend nights on campus is to attend one of the UMass Comedy League’s improv shows. My roommate is a member of one of the improv troupes, so I attend somewhat frequently. I’ve never come out disappointed. These shows are hilarious! It’s pretty impressive to watch performers come up with funny scenes on the spot with absolutely no preparation.

Maneuvering Around Amherst Without a Car

UMass Amherst bus app screenshot

I don’t own a car. No matter how many times I’ve asked my parents for one, the answer is always no. All my friends have cars, and I can use my parents' cars when they’re not, so driving has technically never been a problem for me. Yet, I still don’t have the convenience or satisfaction of calling a car my own. Currently, I’m waiting until I save enough money for one.