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The Life and Times of a CNS Major

CNS students studying

College is a challenging time for every student. The cool thing about UMass is that you can find every kind of student here on campus. We have such a diverse student body and opportunities for everyone. So whether you’re a poetry whiz, a soil enthusiast, or even a horse lover, there’s something here for you. (I’m not joking when I say I’ve found people studying in all three of these unconventional subjects). But there is one thing that every UMass student has in common: They need to work hard. It’s no secret that UMass is becoming increasingly competitive. To excel here, you must be be driven to succeed.

Reason Number One I Love UMass: The Opportunities

Networking at a UMass job fair

When trying to decide whether I wanted to attend a big school or a small school back in high school, the answer was easy. I was drawn to large campuses for many reasons. The sheer number of alumni larger schools produced for networking, the environment at athletic events, resources some small schools don’t have the budget for, etc. But one thing I never considered — and haven’t appreciated enough until this year — are all the opportunities UMass offers to better yourself professionally.

5 Places to Study That Aren't the Library

John Olver Design Building rooftop garden

Although UMass is fortunate to be home to the tallest research library on any college campus, if you’re anything like me, you can only study in a library for a minimal amount of time before getting distracted. Luckily, I've scoped out five underrated places on campus that are equally as great for studying... or just relaxing and spending time with your friends!

UMass Radio Station!

Student DJ at WMUA, the UMass radio station

Tired of listening to the same three songs most radio stations play? Looking for more variety in your music listening tastes? Well, look no further! If you didn’t already know, UMass has its own radio station located in the basement of the Campus Center. Tucked deep in the corner adjacent to the lower level auditorium lies UMass’s epicenter for up-and-coming music. The station features a number of student DJs who curate playlists and play their own taste in music on their self-hosted shows!

A Picky Eater's Guide to UMass Dining

Eating at Blue Wall in the University of Massachusetts Campus Center

As a life-long picky eater, one of the things that concerned me most about the transition from high school to college life was the campus food. From personal experience, it can be intimidating enough trying to figure out where everything is located in the dining halls, so factoring in searching for something you're actually willing to eat can make the learning curve slightly harder during your first few weeks.

Looking Back Fondly at UMass

Eating by the pond at University of Massachusetts

As it turns out, everyone was right. Time at UMass flies by. I never thought I’d be writing my last blog post during my final days on this campus. It seems like yesterday that I was moving into a dorm and nervous about meeting my roommate. Looking back at UMass, particular memories are so important and special to me. However, I never realized it at the time. Therefore, as a parting senior, I would love to share some of these beautiful moments in the hopes that an underclassman will be able to appreciate them in the time they have.