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Applying to be an RA

Grayson Field bulletin board

This morning I submitted my application for a position as a Resident Assistant, or RA, at UMass. The duty of an RA is to manage the residents who live in your hall and facilitate a welcoming environment that people can thrive within. I want to be an RA because during my freshmen year, I probably learned more about college and post-high school life from my RAs than anyone else. Like every other college freshman, I was extremely nervous in the first few weeks. But, my RAs helped alleviate that tension by reaching out to me and my fellow residents in a very personal manner. They’re like a friend and mentor built into one. They taught me everything from how to navigate the academic environment and study hard, to how to make friends and step out of my comfort zone. I want to give back by potentially becoming an RA myself and having my own set of residents to help.

Life as an Architecture Major

building blocks

I think one of the hardest parts of applying to college was deciding what major I'd pursue. Some say, "Pick an easy major."  Some say, "Don't pick one at all." I was very unsure what I wanted to do, but I always had an interest in architecture, so when I applied to UMass I also applied to the architecture program. I ended up being accepted to the program along with sixty other incoming students.