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Make Your Dining Dollars Last

I think that the worst thing that can happen, yet almost always does, is running out of dining dollars before the end of the semester. There is never a time I want a caramel latte more than finals, yet that is exactly the time I have no money left to buy one! So, here are my tips on trying to make your dining dollars last:

Student Co-Ops

Earthfoods Cafe at UMass. Text: "We're in Business! Successful student run co-ops right here at UMass

At UMass, students are encouraged to explore their interests and passions. Part of this means students can create their own businesses (as long as they follow certain criteria). There are several student run co-ops, such as restaurants and shops, that get a ton of customers and provide valuable work experience to their employees.

Information Technology: The Best Minor at UMass

Screenshot of the UMass IT minor web page

UMass offers an interdisciplinary Information Technology minor that is open to all majors on campus. Graduating with the IT minor degree requires the successful completion of six courses out of a current set of 106 options to choose from (though I will warn that not all 106 are offered each semester). The requirements for the minor are as follows: (1) foundation course, (2) technical courses, (1) broadened Inquiry course, and (2) elective courses. Overall, this minor does not take up that much time and is a very feasible addition to any degree at UMass!

My Off-Campus Housing Search

Exterior of a light green house in Amherst Massachusetts

Many UMass upperclassmen make the move from dorm to apartment or house during their junior and senior years. I will be a junior next fall, so my friends and I decided we wanted to move on from dorm life and find a place of our own. After a very long process, we finally settled on a house to be shared by five girls, and I couldn't be more excited!

Utilizing Your Career Centers

Isenberg Chase Career Center

Along with the general Career Center at UMass, many academic colleges have a “career center,” such as the Chase Career Center (pictured above) that represents the Isenberg School of ManagementAs stated on their website, the mission of the Chase Career Center is “to help Isenberg students discover and build a well-thought-out career plan that will allow them to develop the essential skills and insights to launching their optimal career path.” Regular events hosted or set up by career centers include career fairs, networking events with alumni, employer presentations, and a full year of on campus recruiting activity. They also serve to help students with internships, résumés, cover letters and interview skills.