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My First Homecoming at the University of Massachusetts!

Campus Instagram celebrity at the University of Massachusetts, @goodboyoncampus

All weekend, UMass Amherst alumni proudly strolled around campus sporting UMass Amherst gear, and attended the various events hosted by the university. When passing a group of older alumni, I jokingly mentioned to my friend how that’d be us one day. It was amazing to see the large turnout of alumni that came back for homecoming weekend, ranging from the class of 1969 to 2018. It just goes to show just how connected and loyal UMass Amherst alumni still are to the school!

Campus Safety at UMass

UMass blue light system. Text: "Campus Safety at UMass"

UMass recognizes the importance of campus security, and does the absolute most they can to make sure each and every student feels safe while they’re here. Whether that be walking to your dorm late at night, or opening your building door for someone — the university stresses the importance of feeling comfortable and secure here on campus.

Thoughts from a UMass Parent

Selfie of a Umass student with her mother. Text: "Thoughts from a UMass Parent"

When applying to college, my mom encouraged me to attend a school where I thought I’d be happiest. Of course, she wanted me to choose a major that would supply me with job security, but she wanted me to enjoy my four years wherever I decided to go to. Due to my own lack of career direction, she guided me to consider what I knew I liked. For example, when thinking of what I wanted to major in, she encouraged that I do something that entailed working with people, because she knows the sociable side of me. Ultimately, I am now a communication and journalism student, and I attribute the success of my college journey to my mother. 

Meet the Major: Nursing

UMass nursing students. Text: "Meet the Major: Nursing"

Few careers give people the ability to not only provide medical aid but bring happiness to individuals and their families, and comfort to those in need. Nurses are the backbone of the medical field and often provide unique attention to their patients that extend beyond medical care. Nursing is a highly popular and competitive major here at the University of Massachusetts Amherst for just that reason.