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Seven Things I Learned in my First Month at the University of Massachusetts

Students walking in front of the minuteman statue at the University of Massachusetts

Reflecting on my first month as a student at the University of Massachusetts, I realize it has been a time of adjustment and growth. My best preparations weren’t always enough for every possibility, but I also found myself challenged, trying new things, and making connections that will help me get accustomed to life away from home and family. All that being said let’s talk about key things I learned!

It's Always About the Students for Kathy Roberts Forde

Kathy Roberts Forde sitting at her desk at the University of Massachusetts holding a cup of coffee

Kathy Roberts Forde is highly motivated by her students; whose success is just as important to her as her own.

“I think I’m motivated by student learning and student success, like seeing students, and working with students in whatever it is they care about and want to do, and when they succeed it just makes me feel really, really good. I feel at least as good about their success as I feel about my own success,” she says. 

Living on the Mount Ida Campus!

Mount Ida dorm with text: Living at Mount Ida

The Mount Ida Campus is tucked into the center of Newton, hidden behind a golf course in an area of the town that is suburban and generally quiet. It’s about a 30 minute ride by T into Boston, and just a short drive from any of the Newton Green Line stops. This past summer, I had the opportunity to live on the Mount Ida campus through UMass while doing an internship in Waltham. Being able to live at Mount Ida greatly expanded my horizons, and allowed me to accept my dream internship without fear of the commute.

Things I Wish I’d Known When I was Applying to College

Collage of images with text: Tips for Applying to College

College application season is upon us! Whether you are a first year student or transfer, applying to college can be a difficult process. There is a lot to handle — especially in terms of making choices. With this, the process will be a different experience for everyone. 

Here are some helpful tips I wish I knew when I was applying to college: 

Going to Office Hours!

A professor at the University of Massachusetts sits at a desk in an office

One of the best things about going to the University of Massachusetts Amherst is the fact that even though the campus is so big, it’s very easy to make it feel small when you need to. The size of the university gives students a wide array of events, activities, and more, but sometimes there are moments when you want it to feel more personal. I know for me, this was apparent during the classes that were in lecture halls with over 200 students! The best tool that some underclass students don’t utilize enough are office hours. Here are some tips and information all about going!