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Wellbeing Wednesday 2021

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Jessie and three friends stand near the Campus Pond on the University of Massachusetts campus on a sunny winter day wearing face coverings

Wednesday February 24th, UMass Amherst held its first of two Wellbeing Wednesdays this semester. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Wellbeing Wednesday, but the experience was actually really nice — and UMass planned some fun activities where my friends and I could hang out in a safe manner! 

Some of the events advertised for Wellbeing Wednesday included PondFIRE, Bob Ross zoom paint along, boba stations at Worcester and Berkshire Dining Halls, and service dogs over zoom.

My friends and I signed up for PondFIRE, where we socially distanced together at one of the ten bonfires set up surrounding the Campus Pond for music, s’mores, and food truck treats. 

Upon arriving at check-in mid afternoon, we received a box of goodies including s’more making supplies and some other snacks. We headed over to our assigned bonfire, where chairs were set up around the pit. Conveniently, Baby Berk was set up right next door, with Baby Berk 2 across the pond catering to those on the other side. It was a beautiful day, with sunny skies and temperatures in the high 40’s — perfect weather for the event.

After spending some time at PondFIRE, my friends and I headed over to the new Worcester Commons for some food and boba, and sat outside at the picnic benches behind the Integrative Learning Center (ILC) to enjoy our meal. Personally I’m not a huge boba fan, but was impressed by the cool flavor offerings and couldn’t resist taking one myself!

My last activity of the day was a Bob Ross Zoom paint along. I find painting to be relaxing, and a great way to focus on something completely disconnected from the “real world” per say. While I don’t get the time to paint often, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity when it was right in front of me. I’m glad I chose to join the painting session, and it was cool to see how different everyone’s pieces came out while we were all following the same paint tutorial!   

Overall Wellbeing Wednesday was a lot more fun than I’d anticipated, and UMass had some really cool and COVID-safe events happening. It was a really nice break in the normal routine of things and I was able to spend some time with my friends in a safe environment. 



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