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Senior Reflection: My Favorite Experiences at UMass

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The Campus Center at the University of Massachusetts is visible among vivid fall colors in this campus snapshot

My last semester as a college student at the University of Massachusetts has begun! It is bittersweet to know that I only have a few months left at this incredible university. Since I transferred to UMass in spring of 2019, I have grown not only as a student, but as a person. I made countless memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Keep reading for some of my favorite memories that I made at UMass!

Being involved with the Amherst Wire

When I transferred to UMass halfway through my sophomore year, I was looking to join a community of journalists that had similar interests to me. After spending some time going to my journalism classes, I learned that our student-run news magazine, the Amherst Wirewas looking for student journalists to join the organization. I jumped right in and never looked back! Since joining two years ago, I started a broadcast news show, wrote countless articles on university news and events, and even became a Campus News Editor. The Amherst Wire is the first place that felt like home to me on campus, and I’m so happy to have made memories with the kind and supportive students who work there.

Competing in the Villanova Irish Dance Competition

I have been an Irish dancer since I was five years old, so when I learned about the UMass Irish Dance Club on campus, I knew I had to join. During my junior year, I had the opportunity to compete in an Irish dance competition with hundreds of other collegiate dancers at Villanova University. My team and I stayed overnight at a hotel and we had a big team dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant. We woke up super early the next day and prepared for our competition. I placed seventh in one of my dances — which is pretty good for someone who has never competed before! I will never forget how happy I was being on a competitive stage with my friends.

Attending the Spring 2019 MullinsLive! Concert

Two months after I arrived at UMass, the university hosted a MullinsLive! Concert featuring Ty Dolla $ign, Future, and Gunna. My friends and I bought tickets last minute and decided to go. I am so happy I went! It was a spectacular concert with great music and lots of dancing. The best part of it was that Ty Dolla $ign climbed up the stands to where my friends and I were sitting. He sang right in front of me and I got to touch him! To this day, he is the only celebrity I got close to. Going to the concert with my friends was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had at UMass.

Spending time with my friends

I can’t talk about my favorite memories at UMass without mentioning the ones I made with my best friends. I lived on campus my sophomore and junior year, which allowed me to make so many friends. My friends and I spent hours in the library studying together, playing wii in our dorm, and going to the gym. We went sledding down Orchard Hill, hosted paint nights, and went on a lot of walks around the town of Amherst. I wouldn’t trade any experience with my friends for the world. UMass introduced me to some of my best friends, and for that I am forever grateful.

Although I am sad that my time at UMass is quickly coming to an end, I'm going to carry these experiences with me forever. Plus, I still have a few months left to create some more memories!


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