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Life after UMass: My Post-Graduation Plans

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Rebecca Duffy, a University of Massachusetts senior, stands in front of her new office building at WGEM

When I transferred to UMass in spring of 2019, I promised myself I would do two things. The first is that I would take advantage of every opportunity I had on campus. The second is that I would have fun and be myself. I’m so happy that I did both of these things, because my involvement and the personal growth I made at UMass helped me land my dream job after graduating in May! 

I did not know what I wanted to study in college when I was a senior in high school. I knew I was not very strong in subjects like math and science, but I was an exceptional student when it came to English and social studies. Through much thinking, I discovered I had a passion for communicating with people and learning about their lives. Coupled with my love for creating videos and wanting to be in front of the camera, a broadcast journalism job seemed like the perfect fit for me.

My new job

This June I will be a multimedia journalist, also known as a news reporter, at WGEM. It is an NBC-affiliate news station located in Quincy, Illinois. WGEM serves the Tri-States of Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa. I will be reporting news from all three of these states, which means I will have a large number of stories to cover and people to meet. As a multimedia journalist, I will be out in the field reporting and shooting my own stories that I pitch to my news director. I also have to be ready to cover breaking news like house fires and crimes. 

My news station is located in a historic hotel building and bank so it has a lot of old architecture. The television studio inside, however, is brand new and absolutely gorgeous. I am so excited to start my dream job!

My new home

I have lived in and attended schools in Massachusetts my entire life. When it came time to start applying for jobs, I knew I wanted to experience some place I have never been before. After all, you only get one life to live! I will be moving to the Quincy, Illinois area for my job. I had never been there before, but when I visited recently I fell in love. Quincy is home to many historic buildings that have been converted into modern boutiques, restaurants, and other businesses. The center of town features a park where the Lincoln-Douglas debates took place in 1858. Quincy is also located on the Mississippi River, which is the perfect spot to have a picnic, go boating, or watch the sunset. It’s also a five-hour train ride from Chicago.

This job opportunity would not have been possible if I did not attend UMass. The incredible professors, classmates, and resources I had prepared me for my job as a multimedia journalist. I am forever grateful for my time at the flagship. Here’s to my next adventure!


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