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A Letter to my High School Self

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Dear Maddie,

Hey me my senior year of high school, I’m writing to you three years later as a junior in college! I know you’re probably super stressed right now from juggling school, extracurriculars and choosing where to go to college but I hope that by writing you this letter, as a junior in college now, I could ease your stress a little and give you a few tips.

First off, just take a deep breath because everything is going to be alright. Listen, no matter where you choose to go to college, you will have the best time and make the absolute most of it. You will make new friends, meet new people, join clubs, learn so many new things and learn to love the independence that comes with leaving for college. I can promise you that! I know that college decisions and SAT scores are the only things that seem to matter right now, but in a few months no one will care what score you got on that math section of your SAT.

Relax and enjoy your senior year! Sometimes you can be so busy with school and life that you forget to sit back and enjoy life in the moment! You’re never going to get these high school days back so have fun and enjoy them. Spend time with your friends and classmates, enjoy time with your family and your pets at home, and savor the last few months sleeping in your bed at home and taking a shower in your own shower. (I promise communal bathrooms aren’t that bad though!)

Here’s a few tips for when you do start college. Do not be afraid to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. Seriously. I know everyone says this, but it’s true, college is the best place to try new things. And guess what? Everyone else will be trying these things for the first time too. Join clubs, meet people, take interesting classes, say yes to as much as you possibly can!

Also, start researching about what you might want to do after college as soon as you can so you can have a solid plan for your college years. You don’t have to have it all figured out by any means, just try to think of a few solid ideas that interest you and how you can get there. Explore different classes and clubs as much as possible to help with that!

So, I hope I could ease your stress a little bit and provide a few tips that will help you for the next few years. But don’t stress because take it from me - it will all turn out okay!


Your Future Self


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