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Why I Transferred Colleges: UConn to UMass

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Collage with fountain on the campus pond and UMass sunset. Text: Why I Transferred Colleges: UConn to UMass

Transferring colleges is a tough decision, but sometimes it can be the change that changes everything. Every college experience starts with adjustment, and transferring allows new experiences and adjustments to be made. After my personal experience transferring from UConn to UMass Amherst in my sophomore year, I can certainly say my decision suited me best. 

UConn and UMass are two universities that are quite comparable and similar as two large state schools. Both campuses are located in rural/suburban locations. However, after spending one year at UConn and one year now at UMass I can confidently say UMass was the place I fit the best. 

I have always been a business major since I began my first year at UConn. I have always had a strong interest in marketing and the other realms of business as well. For me, college was the place I wanted to push myself to take the full advantage of my education and learn more about this field. My decision to transfer revolved around this goal of mine.

In my time at UConn, I had been enrolled as a dual degree student in marketing and art. I have always been drawn to the digital space within marketing, and I wanted to have more opportunities to learn about social media within marketing, non-profit marketing, and international marketing. These are all classes I looked into and noticed UMass offered for its students. I really liked the variety and depth of each class that was offered. While UConn had substantial classes within marketing as well, I wanted to take classes in my upper years that would give me skills to take into the working world. This is where my decision to transfer started. 

I also chose to apply because, as a Massachusetts resident, UMass was closer to home and offered in-state tuition for me as well. I had been to the campus a number of times, as my older brother also attended UMass. I simply felt the urge to push myself out of my comfort zone and pursue my major at a new college that I knew I had the opportunity to branch out in. Even within the Isenberg School of Management I was drawn to taking classes in Hospitality and Tourism, a major not offered at my prior school.

SInce transferring, the resources available to me within Isenberg have shaped my path career wise as well. The school offers so much attention one-on-one to students through advising and the Chase Career Center. The school has career fairs running year round, bringing recruiters to campus. If students put in the work, there is so much opportunity at the school. 

In my two semesters at UMass now, I have also found that the class sizes have been helpful for me. Besides my gen-eds, most of my business core credits have been smaller class sizes. This has allowed me to get direct help as I learn better in smaller settings. These classes keep me on top of my work and being more accountable. 

UMass has not only allowed me to gain opportunities within business but also branch out and open my mind to other majors and thoughts. My time at UConn was spent revolving around the business community I was in as well as my business fraternity. With the transfer, I have been able to meet students in majors ranging from psychology to environmental science to computer science, and much more.

Talking to students in other majors has allowed me to grow my thoughts more than ever and learn so much. Not only have I met a variety of students in different majors, but also students from every corner of the world. I love the diversity here and how people are always ready to meet a new face. It made the transition a lot smoother for me. 

I have luckily found a community and a family at UMass that I would not want to lose. I have made so many connections in one semester. College is always what you make out of it. Opportunities will not be presented to you; you have to chase them down. I have pushed myself to do this at UMass, which has allowed me to grow as an individual and more than ever be drawn to my major. 


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