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What I would do if I were back on campus

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Graphic is displayed "UMass Memories" with photographs of a University of Massachusetts sunset, greenhouse, and the Mullins Center

It goes without saying how much we all miss campus. The crisp air of autumn and all the foliage and the wind tunnels navigating around Du Bois. I often reflect on my memories from my time at the University of Massachusetts, and have a rush of positive feelings hanging onto the hope that we can be back as soon as it is safe! 

As a transfer student, I have attended UMass Amherst for one year now. I got to live on campus for the majority of my sophomore year, and since March have been staying in my hometown. I wanted to share some of my most memorable and favorite experiences as a UMass student and what I would do if I could be back on campus with you:

Pita Pockets

Amherst Center was always somewhere I could be found at one of the many restaurants or cafes along the street. I loved spending leisure time on weekends or after classes here. One thing I would do if I was back on campus is get a classic falafel wrap from Pita Pockets. This mini middle eastern restaurant is hidden behind the Halal cart and is so delicious! The staff here are also so kind and build a relationship with UMass students! I remember my first time there the owner did not recognize me, and asked me if I was new. I told him I was a recent transfer and he treated my friends and I to some baklava with our meals! This made me feel right at home from the first day, and is why this place will always be my go-to downtown. 

Argo Tea

I have always had a fondness for tea, and when my friends introduced me to Argo Tea I knew they made a mistake because I went there every day thereafter. Their Black Tea Coconut was my favorite flavor. The environment in this cafe was also very calm and a great place for late-night study sessions with some soothing jazz in the background. I would definitely be purchasing my favorite tea and some pastries from here if I was back on campus. 


Not many students casually stroll through the greenhouse near Orchard Hill on campus — and even I almost missed out on it! Walking through the greenhouse is an experience in itself. It is a very tranquil place and I would love to sit there for some time and listen to music. 


UMass sunsets could be a landmark in themselves for Massachusetts tourism. In honesty, some of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen are from the views of Orchard Hill, walking down to campus. If you go to the eleventh floor of the Campus Center building, you will catch some scenic sunsets.  

Isenberg Hub

As a marketing major, I spent most of my time in the Isenberg Innovation Hub — either studying or waiting for my classes. I loved this new addition to the original building, because it is the perfect spot to study if I did not want to trek to the library on colder evenings. The Isenberg Café made it so much better, because I could get my Chai there and spend hours at work after. I can’t wait to be seated in the hub again whether for a Chai with some friends, or for a study session. 

What I miss the most about being on campus is the students and community. I was meeting new faces everyday and expanding on my connections. I love how every student has their own story and makes the campus a home for everyone. I miss the late night (or should I say early morning) study sessions in our dorm lounges and impromptu coffee runs! This is a special time in our lives, and I am grateful to forever cherish the memories I have made and look forward to creating more one day.


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