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Transferring into Isenberg

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UMass Isenberg School of Management building. Text: Transferring Into Isenberg

When applying to the University of Massachusetts Amherst my senior year of high school, I would not have imagined myself as a marketing major two years later, but here I am. I had never learned much about what being a business major was all about, or what kind of career you could get with any of the different majors within the Isenberg School of Management at UMass. I didn’t even know if it was possible for me to transfer in once I was already a student at UMass.

I came to UMass as a communication major, which is in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and enjoyed my classes my first semester. But toward the end of my second semester I started doing research on marketing and business. I realized that a lot of what I liked about the communication major really fell into marketing, and after looking at the courses offered in marketing through Isenberg I knew I wanted to try to apply to the Isenberg School of Management.

Prerequisite Courses

When I first looked up how to apply into Isenberg I became very discouraged looking at the list of courses I would have to take and do well in to be able to apply and be considered. Calculus and statistics were two of these courses. I doubted my ability to do well in these math classes, and the task seemed nearly impossible. Along with these two courses, I would also have to take two economics classes. All of these areas were completely new to me, and it definitely scared me a bit.

I attended an information session that was held for anyone thinking of applying to Isenberg, and I decided I would be mad at myself if I didn’t at least try to apply. So last spring I signed up for a summer course through UMass in microeconomics to get one of the classes out of the way before I started my sophomore year. The course was a lot of hard work, but I got all of the work done and finished with a grade I was happy with!

Fall of this year rolled around and suddenly I was taking calculus, statistics and macroeconomics. I spent last semester doing lots of homework, studying, and spending lots of hours in the Calculus Help Center with the teaching assistants in the class. It was a lot of work, but I was determined to try the best I possibly could. I did everything I could to help make sure I was prepared for exams and understanding the material.

My hard work paid off, and I applied to the Isenberg School of Management in December. Trust me, if I can get through calculus and statistics, so can you! There are many people who want to help and want you to succeed.

Getting In!

In January, during winter break, I received an email telling me I was now officially a marketing and communication double major! I was proud of the work I had put in and happy to be apart of the Isenberg School of Management at UMass. When I got back to UMass I was able to meet with an advisor and get put into two business courses for this semester. They were able to help me transition into my new classes.

The most helpful thing I did throughout the process was attending the information session outlining the steps on applying into Isenberg as a UMass student, and talking to my communication advisor, who assured me I would not be too far behind in my original major if I didn’t end up getting into Isenberg. I learned a lot of good information about the different majors in Isenberg at the meeting, as well as the average GPA of students getting in, and how many people usually applied etc. 

Never Too Late

If you applied to UMass Amherst hoping to get into Isenberg but didn’t get into the program, you can still apply once you’re here! As soon as you get here you can start taking the prerequisite classes and start the process to apply as soon as you can. Or if you’re like me and didn’t know coming in what you wanted to do, be sure to explore your options like I did and know you don’t have to be permanently in the major you chose. 

There are also many advisors, professors, TAs and others who will help you through the process. Whether it be help with your calculus homework or deciding what classes to take, there are so many people at UMass who are happy to help!

After my first week as an Isenberg marketing major, I’m super happy that I believed in myself and applied! I’ve already met new people, joined a few clubs in Isenberg, and have been enjoying my classes a lot!



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