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My Favorite Places on Campus

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As a junior here at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, I have explored much of what the campus has to offer. With amazing study areas, a multitude of phenomenal eateries, working out at our recreation center, and much more, I have discovered many places here on campus that I love dearly. But even as a junior, there are plenty of areas here on campus that I have yet to fully explore. To help incoming students discover some of the wonderful locations at UMass, here are some of my favorite places on campus.

The Communication Hub: 3rd Floor of the Integrated Learning Center

As a communication major, I am always in the Integrated Learning Center, especially within the communication hub. Located in the ILC, the communication hub is one of my favorite places to do work on campus. The space is large, open, bright, has its very own printer, and provides amazing views of the center of campus. I love being in the hub because I have a close relationship with the department, but you do not have to be a communication student to enjoy the space. If you are looking for a great space to do work, hang out with friends, or even kill some time between classes, the communication hub might just be perfect for you!

South College 

I practically live in South College. From class to homework, I am in the building at least once a day. The building was renovated in 2017, making it an amazing study area on campus. South College is large, has a multitude of areas to do work, is well lit, and houses many state-of-the-art classrooms. Architecturally, this is one of my favorite buildings on campus, inside and out. I highly recommend that all UMass students stop by and check it out. The College of Humanities & Fine Arts also hosts many great events during the school week with yummy food in the lobby of the building, making the site even more appealing. Be sure to check out South College — you might just find that it is your new favorite spot on campus.

Argo Tea: Southwest Residential Area 

Before moving to Southwest, I never knew that Argo Tea existed. Having moved to this new area, I was on the hunt for a new place close by to do schoolwork. One day, I stumbled upon Argo Tea with a good friend of mine, and I was hooked from the start. Located in the Hampden Building in Southwest, Argo Tea’s menu includes all-natural tea-based signature drinks, loose leaf tea, Caribou Coffee and espresso beverages, fresh-baked pastries and specialty foods, as well as tea wares and accessories. Argo Tea also has some of the best bubble tea I have ever had, and I cannot recommend it enough. Whether you are looking for a cozy study spot or a tasty shop to spend all your dining dollars at, Argo Tea is the place for you!

Sweets & More: Field Hall, Orchard Hill Residential Area

Words cannot describe how much I love Sweets & More. In my opinion, they are one of the best student-run businesses on campus. Back when I lived in Central Residential Area, my friends and I went to Sweets & More all the time. They specialize in delicious baked goods, ice cream/milkshakes, late-night snacks, breakfast items, and more, making it a great place for a late-night treat with friends. Not to mention, the shop is covered in pastel blues and pinks, giving it a vibe almost as sweet as their food. 

Now that I live in Southwest, I crave Sweets & More constantly. I have made the hike up to Orchard Hill once this semester just to grab food here, and I have absolutely no regrets. Whether you live nearby or not, Sweets & More is a must-see spot here at UMass. Trust me, your taste buds will not regret it! 

There are plenty of more wonderful spots on campus. Pull out a map and explore as many of them as you possibly can during your time here. You might just find a hidden campus gem! 


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