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Meet the Major: Theater

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Student Ali Farina sings in a performance at the University of Massachusetts, over text that says "Meet the Major: Theater""

Ali Farina is a sophomore theater major and education minor who hopes to one day open a non-profit to bring theater to underprivileged communities. Here's how the University of Massachusetts Amherst is helping prepare her to reach her goals.

Why did you decide to come to UMass Amherst?

UMass Amherst had such a wide variety of opportunities for me to explore the world and my interests. I am able to expand my worldview every day with different classes and clubs!

Why did you choose your major and minor?

Theater has always been my biggest passion, and it was the one constant in my college search. I took my education classes because the program at UMass Amherst is really remarkable, and I was able to take a lot of classes about human development and systemic oppression. This knowledge is going to help me succeed in the world and in my future career no matter what it ends up being.

How are your classes?

My classes are amazing! I've had the opportunity to take classes in all different aspects of theater, since we are a BA program. My initial passion for theater has just grown as I discover new skills and interests I have through my classes.

What are the professors like?

Every professor I have interacted with at UMass Amherst has been passionate, caring, and enthusiastic about their work and about their students' success. It's really inspiring to learn and grow from them!

What are the job options in this career?

One of the cool parts of a BA program in theater is that you learn a variety of skills in the field, rather than just focusing on one aspect. With my education here I could feasibly go on to work in theater tech, performance, stage management, or production. Possibilities are endless!

How do you plan to use your degree?

My biggest love in theater is performance, so I plan to search for those opportunities and auditions after I graduate. I also would love to teach theater in a high school or local conservatory setting. I hope to someday start a nonprofit to bring theater and film arts into communities where they are not easily accessible. 

What do you do to stay busy outside of classes and studying?

I am a part of the UMass Theatre Guild, as well as an a capella group called Wicked Pitch! I am almost always in rehearsals or working on a performance. I also work on campus as a tour guide for UMass Amherst! 

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