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Meet the Major: Sociology and English

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Image of University of Massachusetts student Paige Roy standing in front of a waterfall, with text reading Meet the Major: Sociology and English

Paige Roy is studying sociology and English, with a specialization in creative writing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

“There were a lot of contributing factors that led to me choosing UMass Amherst. One of the biggest was the size of the campus. After visiting, I knew that the city within a small town was what I needed. As an in-state student, the affordability and high caliber of the programs offered made my decision pretty easy.”

While Paige entered UMass as a sociology major, she quickly added her second major.

“After taking a creative writing seminar course in my first semester, I remembered my passion for writing. Moving into the second semester of my first year, I included the English secondary major. I was also able to further involve myself within the department by adding a creative writing specialization,” She explains.

UMass is known for having a wide variety of class sizes, and between her two majors she has experienced it all.

“My classes have been a comfortable balance of lectures and discussion. I have found that the English classes were smaller and more intimate. My sociology courses had been primarily theory-based. I found that, either way, my opinions were constantly being challenged. Incorporating two areas of study has allowed me to discover my future goals,” Paige explains. 

She says that her professors are one of her favorite parts about the programs here at UMass, especially because of their commitment to individual student learning 

“The professors are all committed to giving students the tools to develop their own truths — something you won’t find in other sciences. Students can take their passions and bring them to life. The professors I have encountered have been vital to my academic growth.” 

English and Sociology offer a wide range of career opportunities, for Paige it was all about flexibility. 

“I’ve heard the saying, 'You need to be able to write, no matter what you do.' It is one thing to be able to produce valuable information, but it is another to be able to articulate it. With my English major, I have opportunities in various avenues. I am not forced into one area of work. Thanks to the courses I have taken, I feel comfortable knowing how I would like to take my career. I have plans to pursue further education in social policy. I plan to stay in the world of academia and research. Using my English major and Sociology together, I aspire to work in ethnographic research and help to reconstruct social dynamics,” she concludes. 




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