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Meet the Major: Operations and Information Management (OIM)

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Image of University of Massachusetts student Marie McCormick with text about choosing UMass because it is a large and diverse school

Meet Marie, an operations and information management (OIM) and public health sciences double major. She feels the large number of opportunities at UMass Amherst will help reach her goal of working in healthcare administration after graduation.

“That has definitely worked out for me, as I figured out what I wanted to major in during my first semester, and I have also gotten involved outside of my academics,” she says. 

Why did you decide to come to UMass Amherst?

I chose UMass because I knew I wanted a large, diverse school, but I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with my college experience. I wasn't entirely sure about a major or minor, research, internships, or extracurricular activities. However, I realized that UMass had nearly limitless opportunities in all areas and I would be able to figure out the right path for me with the help of my advisors and other faculty. 
Why did you choose to become an OIM major?
I entered UMass Amherst on the exploratory track within the Isenberg School of Management, as I knew any business-related major is applicable to many different fields. I took a few different classes within Isenberg and researched the different majors within the bachelor's program, and quickly realized OIM was the right major for me. I get to study how a business is successful in their day to day operations, and the immense value of data in today's world of business.  
Describe what classes are like as an OIM major. What is your favorite OIM class?
OIM is a fairly broad major, and I have already taken diverse classes that focus on a variety of areas, including data analytics, supply and demand planning, transportation, location planning, and more. We do a lot of data analysis using various methods and softwares, and are always learning and staying up to date on emerging technologies.
My favorite OIM classes so far have been my Intro to Operations Management course with Michele Burch, which has given me a broad overview of different fields and skills needed within Operations Management, and Intro to Business Information Systems with Nora Junaid, which has taught me a lot about the big ideas of business and how and why certain businesses are successful while others are not.
What are the professors like?
All my professors at UMass thus far have been incredible, and my OIM professors in particular have been absolutely amazing, consistently showing how much they want their students to succeed. They are always holding office hours and keeping us up to date on assignments and expectations, as they don't want any students to fall behind or feel overwhelmed. 
What are the job options in this field?
The field of Operations and Information Management includes industries and organizations with a huge variety of different roles, including: business analyst, production planner, project manager, quality control specialist, database administrator, and many more.
How do you plan to use your degree?
I'm currently double majoring with public health sciences, so I am hoping to use both my majors and go into the field of healthcare administration. I have always been interested in both healthcare and business, and this is the perfect intersection of the two fields for me. 
What do you do to stay busy outside of classes and studying?
Outside of my academics, I am a tour guide for the university, a job I absolutely love! I also am a member of the Ski and Board Club and the Isenberg Honors Council, two student organizations that have helped expand my network on campus. I also love to spend time with friends, especially outside on our beautiful campus and around the Pioneer Valley!


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