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Meet the Major: Building and Construction Technology

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Picture of profile of University of Massachusetts student Chris with the caption "Meet the Major: Building and Construction Technology"

Chris Tatomir left his home in Laguna Niguel, Calif., to explore the large campus of University of Massachusetts and all the programs it has to offer. He was excited to go to a school different from the majority of his high school peers. Now a second-year student, Chris is majoring in building and construction technology (BCT) following his interest in designing sustainable buildings.

He enjoys his coursework for how it relates to real world applications. In his classes, he’s learned skills applicable to the improvement of construction. He studies real world examples of how construction can be optimized based on how specific projects were carried out. 

Chris applauds his professors for their willingness to always help, as it is evident they care about their students understanding the course material clearly. They consistently go out of their way to ensure each student has a clear understanding of what is going on, which facilitates a productive classroom environment. His favorite class so far has been BCT597V: Safety in Construction. Here he has learned in greater depth about safety guidelines as they relate to construction, and will receive his OSHA-10 certification come the end of the semester.

Some of the job opportunities within the scope of BCT include construction management, working with sustainable building systems, and building materials technology. Chris looks forward to exploring the variety of options within the industry, with a focus on construction, technology and material performance. Specifically, he is interested in material sciences and project management.

Outside of his classes and studying, Chris is a member of the Photography Club, and actively volunteers in the community. He spends his free time working out at the Recreation Center or studying with friends. 


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