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Intramural Sports at UMass Amherst

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Students play soccer on an athletics field at the University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts incredible amount of extracurricular activities is a great attribute for any student who wants to get more involved, make new friends, or just to have fun. Intramural sports is an excellent activity to participate in, especially if you love to exercise or a bit of friendly competition. Here are some things you need to know about intramural sports at UMass Amherst!

Online System

Freshman year of college I was immediately interested in intramural sports but my biggest question was, “How do I sign up?” After looking around at the UMass Amherst website, I found their guidelines on how to get started.

UMass Amherst has a convenient and intuitive online interface where anyone can make a team, sign up for a sport, and look at schedules. Perhaps the most fun thing, naming your team, is also done online. In addition, you can actually look at your team’s schedule and the team you are facing, including the roster. Sometimes you might be facing people you know! Regardless, UMass Amherst makes it easy for students to sign up for intramural sports; even if you don’t have a team you can register as a “free agent” and contact teams that might need an extra player!

Wide Variety of Sports

When I first looked at all of the types of sports offered, I was blown away. From the obvious sports like soccer and basketball, to obscurities like pickleball and even Super Smash Bros. There really is something for anyone's interest. Even if you don’t have a ton of experience in a sport, a lot of other students are on the same skill level. The main purpose of intramural sports is to have fun and make new friends. For example, freshman year I played intramural volleyball, and I didn’t have any experience playing it before. However, after the first couple of games I got the hang of it and had a ton of fun. On top of this, I met some people that I am still friends with today, and we continue to participate in intramural volleyball. There are so many options for different sports online, so make sure you check the list in its entirety because there will be something that catches your eye. Some other intramural sports I have participated in include bean bag toss, two ball soccer, and softball. 

Different Leagues

Another aspect about intramural sports at UMass Amherst is that there are different types of leagues depending on how you want to play. There are two main leagues, Just Fun and Top Gun. As the name suggests, Just Fun are for students looking for a more recreational and less competitive environment. Top Gun is the opposite, and is a lot more competitive and highly skilled. Both leagues have playoffs depending on the sport. In addition, there are Co-Rec and Women’s leagues for students that wish to participate in these as well. There are also tournaments within some sports that take place over a short time period, rather than leagues that take place over a handful of weeks. Some of these tournaments include Spikeball, Home Run Derby, Ultimate Frisbee, and more. Again, the university’s flexibility and wide array of options makes it really easy for students to get involved with more than just their academics. 

Overall, intramural sports at UMass is the perfect way to stay active while also making friends. Even if you already have a group of friends, signing up and playing together is a great way to strengthen friendships. I can’t recommend intramural sports enough to anyone who is thinking about it.  



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