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Why Watching the Super Bowl at UMass is Great!

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UMass Amherst is one of the biggest schools in Massachusetts, so when the New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl, it’s no surprise that excitement buzzes throughout the winter air in anticipation for the big game. Being at school while the popular event takes place has its advantages, even for those who aren’t head-over-heels about football. Here are some of the reasons why watching the Super Bowl at UMass is great.
One of the best things about the Super Bowl is it is the perfect excuse for all friends to gather. There are tons of places to watch the game on campus, whether in dorms, the dining hall or anywhere else. What makes this experience even better, though, is the opportunity to make new friends and strengthen friendships through the comraderie of the football game. Being able to go through the intense moments, good or bad, with other people really makes the event even more spectacular.  
UMass is number one in the nation for its stellar dining commons, so it is almost expected that they go above and beyond for the big game. Nearly every year, each dining hall has special food and dishes to celebrate the Patriots’ achievement of making it to the Super Bowl (hopefully they keep on winning). Every year the foods somewhat vary, but expect to see traditional types of foods and cuisines you see at a typical Super Bowl party. In addition, some cafes on campus will be serving food that you order and are ready to pick up just in time for kick off! 
This year, in particular, UMass dining is having a fun little bet with UCLA dining, which is that if the Patriots win, UCLA will be liable to send over a chef to cook the school’s well known Dodger dogs, Kogi tacos, tortilla soup, and avocado toast. However, if the Rams win, UMass will send one of their chefs to cook clam chowder and Boston cream pies. Although a harmless bet, this just goes to show how involved the school is when it comes to state pride and student experience.
Believe it or not, the Super Bowl can affect the classes and courses going on at UMass. In 2018, when the Patriots were in the Super  Bowl, I had a professor who completely restructured a day’s class so that the math taught was all about football. On top of this, I have heard from friends that some professors even canceled classes for Monday in celebration for the anticipation that the Patriots would win. Even the staff is affected by the electricity and are just as excited about the Super Bowl, and it can definitely reflect during lectures and classes. 
Overall, be sure to be a part of the Super Bowl experience at UMass, because the Patriots won’t be good forever, unfortunately. From the delicious food, genuine time with friends, and different environments in the classrooms, championship time at UMass makes it even more fun to be part of this school.


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