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What Was Your College Essay Topic?

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It can be tough to pick a topic for your college admissions essay. To give you some inspiration, we asked a few current UMass students what their essays were about.

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How I'm Getting Ready for Post-Grad Life

A photo of graduation caps being thrown in the air with the text, How I'm Getting Ready for Post-Grad Life.

My time in college is quickly dwindling. It feels like just yesterday I was a nervous freshman frantically refreshing Google Maps in attempts to find my way around campus. Looking back, it always makes me laugh when remembering how much of a lost puppy I was. Now, I could map the campus with my eyes closed. But in a few short months, my vision of campus will only be a far off memory. 

I have a lot of fond memories here at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, but I am eager to flourish into adult life. My internship experiences have given me a taste of the corporate workforce, and I have been missing it since I left. While my future is uncertain, uncertainty excites me, and so does a challenge.

Working on Campus: How to Balance Work, School, and Life

A group of UMass students with the text, Working on Campus: How to Balance Work, School, and Life.

So, where do I find a job? Whether you are looking for a job on or off-campus, a work-study or non-work-study position, the undergraduate Student Employment Office (SEO) is the place to start. The SEO provides a listing service with a wide variety of student part-time and seasonal jobs. This student job board is where active student job opportunities can be found, which are updated daily. Students may also contact an on-campus department directly if interested in working in a certain academic or administrative area. You may also review job boards at some of the largest on-campus employers including, Auxiliary Services, the LibrariesResidential Life and Transit Services.