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What Even is Life Without Pets??

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Whenever I FaceTime home, I immediately ask to see my dog. (Sorry Mom and Dad.) I’m just extremely pet-deprived here.

Don’t get me wrong, it's not from a lack of dogs here—there are hundreds, maybe even thousands. In French culture though, I’ve noticed it’s not really normal to ask to pet a stranger's dog, even though their dogs just trot down the street without a leash and are so cute. 

I feel like a gluten-free child being dragged through a candy shop with no diet-friendly options.

Thankfully, I’ve had a couple of pet interactions. Otherwise, I actually think I’d have to fly home early.

At one of my favorite coffee shops, Perko, I always run into a Westie named Whisky. Whisky’s owner is also a regular at Perko, and by some stroke of luck, our schedules align. Whenever I see Whisky, he licks my face and gives me lots of love. I cry tears of joy every time.

My other interaction was with a Tom-Cat, who my friends and I met on a hike. Jaques (as we named him) was way too plump and well-groomed to be a stray, but he had no collar and followed us for some of our hike. We must have spent 30 minutes sunbathing with Jaques, in the middle of the hiking trail. I cried tears of joy that day as well.

Fingers crossed my dog remembers me, because when I return home, I’m picking him up and never putting him down.



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