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Wanted: Frog Lovers

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Honestly, it doesn't matter if you love frogs dead or alive. I just need help with the population control of frogs in Antibes. Due to their insanely loud croaking, I haven't had a good night's sleep in over a week now, and I think I’m going a little crazy. This morning, I put eyelash glue on my toothbrush instead of toothpaste. True story.

I really can’t believe how loud these frogs are. Also, apparently my apartment is the only one in CEA that has heard the racket at night, so my roommates and I are a little concerned we are imagining the whole thing.  

Around 2 AM last night (last morning?), the croaking was as loud as ever, and I still hadn’t fallen asleep. In a groggy and desperate attempt to get some answers, I looked up “loud frogs at night in France.”  The first search result was, “Why are Dordogne’s noisy frogs embroiled in a bizarre legal battle?” and my exact reaction to this title was, “Oh great, this is an actual problem and these frogs are smart.”  

When my brain caught up a few seconds later, I realized that the frogs weren't actually representing themselves in front of a judge in a courtroom. Rather, they were the subject of a related noise complaint lawsuit between two neighbors in Dordogne, a region in Southwest France. Apparently, the croaking of frogs in one of the neighbor’s ponds reached sixty-three decibels—the same noise level as a vacuum cleaner.

So there you have it, frogs can be really freaking loud.  

Realistically, I know that moving or removing all frogs from Antibes isn't the answer. Frogs are an integral part of any ecosystem—they are great for pest control and a source of energy for predators. (Shoutout Life-Science class.)  

That being said, if anyone wants to send me earplugs, it would be much appreciated.

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