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Useful Money Spending Tips For When You Go Abroad

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Get The Trail Wallet App

Trail App is a super useful app that helps you keep track of your spending.  You can categorize your expenses, convert currencies, and set daily or trip budgets.  

Compare Grocery Store and Cafe Prices

Savvy shoppers know which stores have the best quality and prices for the items they want to buy. For example, when I’m at school, I do most of my shopping at Big Y, and save Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods for when I’m craving mochi or buffet mac and cheese. The same applies to France. Carrefour is like Big Y, while Intermarche and Monoprix are prices more like Whole Foods.

Use a Credit Card Without Foreign Transaction Fees (FTE)

If you can, try to use a card that will not add an additional fee to each purchase you make. My debit card charges a FTE, but my credit card does not, so I try to use that as much as I can.

Don't Ignore Your Bank Balance

Definitely treat your self once in a while, but always be mindful of how much you are spending. Between living, traveling, and going out, little expenses will rack up fast. Instead of ignoring your account balance, set a budget and stick to it, so that there aren't any surprises.

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