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Tips for Attending Career Fairs at the University of Massachusetts!

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A discussion about careers at the University of Massachusetts

One of the best things about going to University of Massachusetts Amherst is the fact that tons of renowned companies all over the country visit and recruit on campus. This gives students opportunities to communicate, and learn more about various companies without having to travel at all. Those that visit UMass Amherst are often hiring for internships, externships, full time positions, and more. There are specific career fairs depending on your major, but no matter which one you go to, there are definitely some general guidelines to follow. Here are some of the things you should do to have a successful experience at career fairs!

Proper Attire

One of the most important things you can do when going to a career fair is to dress for the occasion. When interacting with business professionals, and showing interest in a company, it is vital that you dress up because first impressions are important, especially for finding an internship or a job. On top of this, being in professional clothing could actually enhance, and boost, your confidence. I remember the first time I went to a career fair was also the first time I had properly dressed business professional. Without realizing it, this heightened my self confidence, and I was a lot more at ease when meeting and talking to new people. Regardless, looking sharp shows recruiters you care, and are actually serious about learning more about their company. 

What to Bring

When going to a career fair, it is essential that you bring copies of your resume, a pen, and a notepad of some sort to jot things down. I learned this the hard way when I went to my first career fair. After a pleasant conversation with a representative from a company I was interested in, the recruiter asked for a copy of my resume. Unfortunately I didn’t have any printed out so I had to awkwardly explain that I didn’t have any on me. When he offered to give his contact information to email my resume to him, I didn’t have anywhere to write it down — so I ended up using my phone in a very casual and informal way. Having your resume and a notepad on deck will exponentially help your career fair experience. Not only will it show recruiters you are capable of being prepared, but it is also useful to have the option to write notes, contact information, and more information when you need to. 


Although it might be a little nerve wracking at first, being able to mingle about and talk to as many people as you can is really important too. Not only does it give you more opportunities career and experience wise, but it also gives you practice in terms of learning how to talk in a more professional scenario. When I began my career-seeking journey, I was very shy and timid when it came to approaching and talking to recruiters. In reality, the representatives are there to help you as much as they are there to help the company. They enjoy answering questions, and conversing with students who show genuine interest in the company. 

Career fairs at UMass Amherst can be one of the most exciting and engaging times during the academic school year. Looking forward and preparing yourself for the professional world is important and attending these events definitely helps with that. Be sure to follow the suggested tips and you will excel during your time at the career fairs!

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