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Thrift Shopping 101

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Turtleneck sweaters with text: Thrift Shopping 101

Feeling bored and uninspired looking through your winter wardrobe? Spruce up your closet just in time for spring by taking a trip to your local thrift store. Retail therapy is sooo real, and I believe it’s always better to save while you spend. Whatever store you choose to thrift, you’re guaranteed to feel overwhelmed by the piles of clothes you’ll run into. Don’t let this intimidate you. Exploring the wide variety of styles and finding a piece that suits you best is actually all part of the fun.

This past week I visited The Salvation Army in Hadley. It’s about a seven-minute drive southwest of campus. With my Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee in hand, I was ready to go. In the first couple minutes, I saw a few so-so items that mildly interested me. Then I ran into an array of turtlenecks. I know they aren’t very spring-like, but I am the world’s biggest turtleneck fan. I ended up leaving with three (pictured above). Success!

On Wednesdays at The Salvation Army everything is half off. The colored tags hanging from the ceiling signify what items are included in the sale. When I go thrifting I usually have one thing in mind that I’m looking for but am open to looking through all the racks. You never know what you might find! Last month I found a Lululemon tank top for just $3 (they usually go for around $50!)

One thing you need to know before you thrift is that it’s okay to leave empty-handed. Don’t throw away $4 on a shirt you’re never going to wear. I’m guilty of this and wish I had saved the money when I had the chance. Sometimes you’re going to leave with a treasure and sometimes you’re going to leave zip, but it’s all a part of the thrifting magic.



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