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Taking it Extra International

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Moroccan hotel courtyard and pool

What’s cooler than studying on a different continent?  Vacationing on yet another!

Two of my buddies and I recently spent a weekend in Morocco with Bus2Alps, an international travel agency. I definitely prefer to plan trips on my own, but considering I knew very little about the climate or culture of Morocco, I decided it would be best to let experienced guides take the reins—and I’m so glad I did!

Thanks to Bus2Alps, we had an itinerary for the entire weekend, filled with unique and exciting experiences. Our hostel was a traditional Moroccan riad. Riads are homes with rooms surrounding a large courtyard, with lots of plants and some water element (usually a fountain or a pool—our beautiful riad had both).   

My favorite parts of the weekend were enjoying homemade mint tea in a Moroccan family home and ATVing through the countryside.

This is not a Bus2Alps advertisement. However, if you're planning on studying abroad or traveling through Europe, definitely check them out. The guides are experienced, dynamic, and completely trustworthy. Many of them have studied abroad themselves, so they have an idea about the incredible journey you're on and are there to help. Literally within the first five minutes of meeting my guide, I learned that he knew most of my UMass friends, who had also done Bus2Alps trips with him. Instantly, any nerves I had about being in a country that many Westerners consider “dangerous” disappeared and I was able to fully appreciate the beauty of Moroccan culture.



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