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So, I successfully hid from winter. But somehow, finals week still found me.  

In the next week or so, I have four exams and two research papers due. It’s nothing new, but it definitely puts a damper on the whole eat, tan, sleep schedule I’ve become accustomed to here in Antibes.

Luckily, all I do at UMass is write research papers, so, odd as it may sound, I have grown to love the process. My current papers are for Business Ethics and Organizational Behavior.  


This is probably my favorite class this semester. Each class, we explore different theories that describe how people act, and how they ought to act. We have class discussions, debates, and competitions that force us to form our own ethical arguments about various issues and business dilemmas. I think the thing that amazes me the most in this class are the native French speakers who are in it. Ethics is by no means simple. At times, it feels like an entire language of its own. Still, my class is about half exchange and half French students. Berets-off to them.

For my Ethics paper I used the decision-making model we learned in the course to analyze the morality of JUUL's early campaigns. In a nutshell, JUUL advertises itself as a genuine alternative to smoking cigarettes. The company aim is to "help one billion adult smokers quit." In reality, the majority of JUUL users are underage teens and non-smokers. JUUL's nicotine content is also so high that cigarette smokers are consuming more nicotine by Juuling than by smoking cigarettes.

JUUL's early advertising campaigns featured young adults and teens, which is out of line with their mission statement. In this paper, I am throwing it back to 2015, before the rollout of these campaigns. As the marketing manager for JUUL, I need to decide whether is it ethical to target youth consumers and falsely advertise JUUL as a “genuine alternative,” when it is supposedly meant for adult smokers and leads to a higher nicotine consumption overall.  

Spoiler: The answer probably isn't what you'd expect. 

Business Ethics

This class explores how organizations interact with each other and within themselves. We have spent time talking about decision-making skills, leadership styles, diversity-management, and business ethics.  

Taking mostly business classes has been nice, because there is a lot of overlap in my courses. I am also building a very solid business background, which will help with my BDIC major. For the next week or so, it’s going to be a lot of work, not a lot of play!


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