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Reserving a Group Study Room in the Library

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You’re sitting in class and your teacher assigns you to a group project. You all gather and try to figure out where the best place would be to work together. The lower commons of our library offers the perfect solution—Group Study Rooms.

These rooms are cubes with a desk, computer, and whiteboard, with a door to close off any distractions. So they're perfect for group work (or solo work if you want a closed-off corner for yourself, though they can only be used by one person if there are no reservations at the time).

I’ve taken advantage of these rooms many times and find it the best spot to work with groups. It’s very easy to reserve and easy for everyone to get there, since the library is in the middle of campus. They are great for when you need to plan out drafts or diagrams (the whiteboard makes this especially easy).

There are 18 cubes always available to reserve, but they become more commonly booked around midterms and finals season, so it’s important to reserve a space as soon as you can.



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