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Pros of Living in Southwest

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Southwest residential towers at night

Choosing where to live when you come to UMass is an important decision, because it will be where you spend the majority of your time freshman year. I already wrote a post about what it was like to live in the northeast area of campus, because that is where I lived freshman year. So if you are interested in that, check it out. In this case, I am going to write about southwest, because during my sophomore year at UMass I lived in Patterson Hall, which is located in the southwest region.

To many students, the northeast and southwest regions are complete opposites in terms of social life, atmosphere, and experience. They are located in complete opposite corners of campus, but from personal experiences, they each have their own benefits. My time living at Patterson Hall was very memorable, and here are some of the reasons why living in Southwest was also great.


One of the best things about living in this area was the food. The Southwest residence area has two massive dining halls, Hampshire and Berkshire dining commons, and each genuinely represents UMass #1 dining very well. Although every other dining hall is equally as good, the fact that southwest has two dining halls gives it the upper hand, because if you are bored with one, there is always the other to go to. The types of food in either dining commons is different and you will be sure to find something you enjoy.


Out of all the on-campus residential areas, Southwest is the most populated. With numerous staggering towers and a handful of low-rise dormitories, it is truly remarkable to think that so many students live in such a small area. If expanding your social circle or meeting new people is one of your goals, then s\Southwest is perfect, because there is an abundance of new and friendly people to meet.


Depending on what you are majoring in, your classes might be very close to Southwest. But if you are unlucky and all of your classes are on the complete opposite side of campus, no need to worry because the Southwest area is filled with bus stops. What makes the Southwest location good is that it is the closest to Amherst's center, where there are a ton of cool restaurants and shops to go to. I know that when I lived there I found myself having the opportunity to go into town a lot more.

No matter which area you choose to live in, there is the option to try new places each year. Southwest was definitely a fun place to be, and I wouldn’t change a thing if I had to go back. I am glad I lived in different areas because I got to experience the various types of lifestyles at UMass.  


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